How To Find Student Accommodation In Canada [Step By Step]


How To Find Student Accommodation In Canada


How To Find Student Accommodation In Canada – Canada is home for some of the best universities in the world and so having a Canadian qualification means you can actually compete with students from other top universities in the world. Having a career from one the universities in Canada is going to be one of the best decisions you would make and one good thing about studying in Canada is that you can actually work as a student in Canada.

You shouldn’t worry about unemployment as the employment rate in Canada is on the rise and there are a lot of job opportunities in Canada because Canada is looking to fill up labour shortages that came up as a result of the pandemic that hit the world.

So as an international student in Canada, you can actually get a job on a part-time basis that would help you make extra cash to meet up with some expenses without being dependent on your parents or guardian.

In a wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Canadian government has opened borders to international students who are enrolled in COVID-ready universities and also have a valid study permit to study in Canada. So if you have enrolled or you are planning to, you will need to show that you have accommodation as this is one of the requirements in the mandatory plan of self-quarantine for 14days once you arrive in Canada.

How To Find The Right Student Accommodation In Canada

Finding the right accommodation as a student in Canada will help you settle down easily and faster and with the social distancing regulations due to the outbreak of the pandemic, it could be a taxing activity and a challenge especially if you are looking for accommodation from outside Canada.

Well, you are lucky seeing this article as we are going to be guiding you on how you can actually get an accommodation in Canada even if you are outside Canada.

Let’s show you how you can actually find the best student accommodation in Canada.

  • Look up for accommodation options and costs

There outbreak of the pandemic has really affected the search for accommodation in Canada as dorms that used to be shared have now been converted into single rooms or even shut down reducing the space and comfort that students used to enjoy in Canada. So in this case, you will have to look up for available accommodations and make your budget as this will help you in making your choice and even making a wise one at that.

  • Explore on-campus and off-campus accommodation

The choice of living either on or off-campus depends on the cost and also your budget. Some universities or colleges offer accommodation to students on campus especially if you are in your first year and due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, sharing of rooms is not an option anymore.

But whether you want to live on or off campus, the choice is yours to make but the interesting thing about staying on campus is that you might not have you go through the stress of planning and deciding what to eat as some campuses offer paid meal plan for students living on-campus so you wouldn’t have to worry about breakfast, lunch or dinner except you don’t want to eat what was prepared.

Living on-campus

Living on-campus means you would be paying less for accommodation fee although it depends on the type of accommodation, the university and the province or territory where you are studying. This is always the first and best choice for international students as you get to enjoy some benefits of staying on-campus.

Benefits of On-Campus Accommodation

  • You get to live close to school
  • You get to class early
  • You are closer to on-campus amenities (libraries, gyms etc.)
  • Safety and security
  • You get to associate with other international students and also make friends

Living off-campus

Living off-campus might be seen as expensive but the thing is that the cost of accommodation depends on the type of accommodation and also the province in which you are studying. There are some cheap accommodation off-campus that can also offer you comfort. You enjoy college life more when you stay off-campus as you get a level of freedom and independence unlike when you stay on-campus.

You can decide to sign a one-year lease contract and sometimes you might be required to pay the first and last month’s rent or even a security deposit in case of any damage caused to the property while you were staying there but if there was no damage, you money will be returned. Off-campus accommodation could be shared houses, one-bedroom apartments, homestays etc.

Living off-campus will mean that you will be paying for some other expenses like water, electricity, Wi-Fi, furniture etc. since you are staying off-campus, you will have to include transportation in your budget to help you set out money for transporting yourself to school or other places you will need to go to. Though living off-campus might have it cons, it also has some attractive benefits.

Benefits of Off-Campus Accommodation

  • There is greater independence
  • You become familiar with the everyday life in Canada
  • You get to choose your roommates
  • You have access to a wide range of amenities
  • You don’t get to share toilet and bathroom
  • You get less distraction when studying

Factors To Consider When Choosing An Accommodation Off-Campus

In as much as living off campus has its benefits, you will still have to look for a good place to live off campus or else you might end up regretting your decision to live off campus. When looking for a place to live outside the college, you will have to look at some factors as these factors will help you determine the best place to live and at affordable cost too.

Let’s look at some of the factors you should consider when choosing where to live off campus:

  • Cost of accommodation
  • Budget
  • Security and safety
  • The distance from the campus
  • Cleanliness
  • Available amenities
  • Serenity of the environment

Final Note

If you put all or some of these factors into consideration, you would certainly pick the right accommodation for yourself especially if you want to live off-campus. Where you live has a way of influencing your stay in Canada and how you get to enjoy college as an international student so it is important that you make the right choice.

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