Educational Degrees That Can Help Graduates Get a Job in Tech Industry

Educational Degrees That Can Help Graduates Get a Job in Tech Industry – Do you want or wish you can work in a tech company but the only problem is that you did not pick up a tech course at school? Well, the truth is that nowadays, you do not need to enroll in a tech course before you can get a job in tech.

Educational Degrees That Can Help Graduates Get a Job in Tech Industry
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There are a lot of degrees that can help you get a job in tech unexpectedly without having to study it.

Tech is a nice disciple but the truth behind it is that no tech company can function on its own without the help of other disciple and that is where this article comes in.

There are a lot of courses that work hand in hand with the tech program. A tech man cannot do everything on his own therefore he will seek assistance from other degree programs in other to run smoothly. and in this article, I will be listing down some of those unexpected degrees that can help you get a job in tech without having to switch programs.

Working in the tech sector do not mean that you have to be a programmer before you can work there, but instead working in tech means that you have something to offer to the industry and that is where this list comes in;

  • Marketing degree: As a good marketer, you are an asset in any company and that includes the tech sector. Every tech companies need a sale and are not every programmer that is a marketer or that even has an insight about marketing.

Therefore, that’s where you with a marketing degree and skills come in. With your marketing skills, any company will want to hire you either as full-time or as a contract. Likewise the tech companies.

Marketing is one of the unexpected degrees that can help you get a job in tech companies, all you have to do is to ensure that you do not only go to college for the degree but also skills.

In tech companies, it is only skills that can keep you for long or that can even give you the chance to get a job in tech. So this means that tech value degrees but then they value skills more than degrees obtained.

Why are marketing skills so demanding?

As the name implies, “Marketing” has to do with the market. and the market has to do with buying and selling, an exchange of goods and services, etc. Every company needs a sale of whatever products they have.

It is one thing to have the skill to create or build something and it is another to get it out there for people to see and it is another, for people to start patronizing your products even after seeing them and that’s where a marketer with good marketing skills is needed.

As a marketer, you must sample the goods and services of the company for the public. So it is a very important task because this is where the companies generate their funds from and every tech companies and other companies depend on the marketers to get the word out there for them. so, therefore, as a marketer with skills you can get work in tech with this degree and skill.

As a marketer, these are few jobs you can land while working in the tech;

  • Sales representative
  • Social media manager
  • Marketing manager
  • Public relations specialist
  • Research analyst
  • Industry Advice
  • Mass Communication: This is one of the unexpected degrees that can help you get a job in tech. Communication is the key to whatever thing that you want to do in life.

Even if you have an issue with someone and you try to sort it, it is through communication that you will be able to relate it out to the person.

And in business or any company that wants to be heard, communication skill is one of the skills they don’t take kindly.

As a mass communication degree holder, you have to ensure that you represent the company so well in the media sector. this means that everything that has to do with the media, that you are involved.

If the company image gets ruin in the media, it is also on your head, it is either you get yourself fired or you ensure that you get it corrected or fixed as fast as you can.

With a mass communication degree, you can work in any company that you want and that includes the tech. Every tech company needs someone who can help them build their reputation using the media knowing that this act alone can help them beat their competitors in the market or the business.

Communication skills are one of the highest skills that tech companies need so you don’t have to hold a tech-related degree before you can land in that dream company of yours, just ensure that no matter what you have to offer to the company is above 92% because before you or after you, there are people who will be ready to give in their 90% to the company just to remain in their position or to be promoted.

What you need to know about Tech using a mass communication degree

As a mass communication degree holder before applying to that tech company that you have been eyeing for years, ensure that you are a secretive kind of person that you are not loose and also that you work on your manner of approach, etc. These are few qualities needed by any tech companies that have competitors in the market who are doing the same business with them.

Being able to keep the information that of the company that you work in away from even your friends can keep you and your work and giving out the info about your company also as the capacity to get you fired.

This is to tell you how information is so important for tech companies. They like the info coming to the open when the product is finally ready to be displayed in the market so while getting the degree, also acquired some skills that include self-discipline skills. that will help you get the job in the tech company and also will help you keep the job.

  • Psychology:  Every company that deals with goods and services, deals with a human being. and one thing about business that includes humans is that you can’t make it in a business if you don’t get to understand your clients.

To sell a product or to render a service to someone, you will first of all need to understand what they think and when you understand what they think, you will be able to understand what they want, and with this, you will be able to use this information that you have gathered to your advantage.

Being able to win your audience and then turn them into customers is the main thing, because no matter how perfect your product is and no matter the service you render, if you can’t get one first time customer to come back again for the product then that’s bad for business.

That’s where you as a psychology degree come in, it is your duty to work with the mass communication and the marketing units to ensure that you represent the company well.

As a psychologist, you have to ensure that you get close to the clients, get to know what they like what they want, and also what they think about your company products.

This will help the tech company to understand the things that they need to include when they are upgrading their products as no business can flow without having clients.

One thing about business is that you don’t need everybody in the world to be your clients, because everyone cannot like the same thing at the same time. so you must keep the ones that you have by establishing a good relationship with them and that is the duty of the psychologist who is working in the company.

  • Business Management:  After building or creating the product, daily activities need to continue, organizing of the next meeting, drafting of plans of what next to do is needed.

One of the unexpected degrees that can help you get a job in tech is a business management degree. Every company needs plans of how to run the business and move it forward likewise the tech companies.

Every tech company wants to outrank their opponent and this can be done if you have a good plan and strategies that the other companies don’t have or even think of. and that’s is where you as a business management degree holder, have your chance.

Although it might not be that easy to get in, you will be given a trial and if you offer a good solution, then you are in. So you just have to ensure that no matter what you do that you have that skill of convincing people to operate to your advantage.

No one will want to follow a plan that is not seen as a good shot, you got to ensure that you have a lot to offer to the company than just a degree if not, you will not last a month or two in the company.

  • Political science:  What do you think of this number 5? do you think that it is a mistake or when you read it did it sound funny? Well, the truth is that anyone with a political science degree can work in any company in the work. You know why?

It is because the business itself is a politic. Politic in the sense that no company wants to lose, everyone fight to be on the top, and with this, they are ready to use tactics that will help them outrank their competitors.

For example; HP laptop companies and the Dell company, are two tech companies that are in the same line of business. PH company wants people to keep buying their products and the Dell company also wants the same.

But it is left for the clients to decide what is good for them. with the help of the political scientist, he or she will be able to initiate a strategy that will help his or her company to stand out in the market. Knowing this action will have a possible effect on the client’s decision when deciding which one to buy.

With the help of the political scientist, they will be able to convince that customer that their products are worth it no matter the amount that’s sold for.

As a political science degree holder, you just have to ensure that you understand what power means to a company that has a lot of competitors out there, this means that you need to have good political behavior, the thoughts, how to analyzed political activities, and systems of governance, etc.

Every company wants to be in charge, non wants to be under the shadow of the other. So as a political scientist, you have a big role to play in any tech company that is out there to outrank any other tech companies that rise in the market all in the name of competition.

  • Accounting: Well, in every business, money, and goods are involved, that’s is why an accounting degree is needed for employment in tech companies.

As an accounting degree holder, you have to know the day-to-day activities that have to do with money.

As an accountant, you have to keep records of whatever comes in or goes out of the company. That’s to say that everything passes through your desk after the final process from other units in the company.

So while studying, study these extra 3 skills also if you want to be a good accountant; Listening skills, reading skills, writing skills, etc.

  • Finance: Money is one thing you shouldn’t play with if you want to keep your business. Financial personnel is someone who keeps an account of the financial report of the company. and this means that no money can leave the company without the knowledge of the finance personnel.

This is a very big task and it takes a lot before a company can employ you in such a position. So you must be able to convince them with reasons why you should be employed in the company.

although there are still a lot of other unexpected degrees that can help you get a job in tech these are the top 6 degrees that are easy to be considered.

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