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How To Drop Out Of High School

How To Drop Out Of High School-If you are considering dropping out of high school, it is a serious decision to take and in some cases, a lot of people end up regretting the decision. Some people can decide not to go to college but it is not always easy to make this decision when it comes to high school.

We won’t blame you if you are considering dropping out of high school as everybody’s life is different and so are their challenges. The road to success is different for everyone and we are here to guide you to success.

So if you have made up your mind on this decision, then there is no reason to panic as we have got you covered on how to drop out of high school and still shape your life into something great.

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In this write-up, we will be dishing out all the steps and appropriate channels you can go through when you want to drop out of high school so you won’t face any issues in the future.

Read this write-up through to the end so that you will get to understand how to drop out of college and also succeed as a high school dropout.

Fix your eyes on this piece as we delve into it proper…

How To Drop Out Of High School

Dropping out of college is really a serious decision and a lot of people will certainly no go with your decision but if you have made up your mind, these are the steps you should follow so that you won’t regret your decision later.

·     Understand why you want to drop out of high school

Before you conclude on your decision of dropping out of high school, you must have critically thought and assessed your reason for taking this decision. This reason could be a motivation to spur you up to do better things even after dropping out of high school.

Regardless of your reasons, you should make sure your decision to drop out of college doesn’t affect you in the future; make sure your reasons are tangible enough.

·     Seek other people’s opinion

You will have to consult your guidance counselor or a trusted teacher and relate the matter to them. They might even have other alternatives for you order than dropping out of high school.

If your reason to drop out is as a result of having other responsibilities, then you can talk to your guidance counselor about it. They could refer you to work programs where you could earn both money and school credit.

Your guidance counselor could also help you source for financial resources that would help keep you in school.

·     Talk to your guardian

You might be up to 18 years and can legally make your decisions but you will still have to talk to some people like your parents or guardians who have been responsible for you to this point.

Tell them the reason you want to drop out of high school but you should also know that it might be shocking to them and so they might not agree with the decision. It will have to take time for the decision you have made to sink into their head especially when your reasons are tangible.

Regardless of this, you will have to be solid and clear on your decision so that they will have to respect it.

·     Do not drop out for anyone aside yourself

If the talk about dropping out is from others like your parents, guardian or friend, then this might be the wrong decision to take. Dropping out should be of your own will provided you have weighed the consequences and seen how beneficial dropping out would be to you and your future.

·     Determine the legal age for leaving school

Different places have their legal age when you will be allowed to drop out of school. Some places allow students to drop out at 16 while some others won’t allow you to drop out unless you are up to 18.

If you are younger than the fixed ages, you could still drop out with a legal consent of your guardian.

So it is important that you know the legal age of dropping out of high school.

·     Get insight on the testing requirements for drop-outs

It is very important that you get the testing requirements for drop-outs in any state you are residing. You will have to pass a test that is equivalent to High School or get a GED.

·     Ask about alternative high schools

Some other high schools give alternative or independent high school which is more flexible and could allow you to work while you study.

Alternative high schools will sometimes allow you to speed up your courses and make you finish early.

·     Have a plan B

Before you drop out of high school, you should have a plan of what you would do instead. Remember that dropping out of high school is a serious decision and so you must have an alternative that is equivalent to not going to high school.

If you want to drop out of high school to work, then be sure that you have the jobs lined up for you first before proceeding with your decision.

·     Relate with your guidance counselor or administrative advisor about the required paperwork

There are different forms and paperwork that you will have to fill out when you want to drop out of high school and so you must make sure you consult the right person at your school to find out which documents needs to be filled and when they should be returned.

Anybody you relate you decision with will surely want to talk you out of it; so you have to be confident and ready to proceed with your decision.

·     Don’t just stop going to school

It’s true that you must have made up your mind as to dropping out of high school but the thing is that you shouldn’t just stop going to school. You must consult the proper legal channels because if you just stop going to school, it will be seen as truancy in legal terms which could lead to fines or community service for you or your guardian or both.

·     Consider online schools or even home schooling

Online schools and home schooling will help you learn at your own convenience and pace. So you can even earn a high school diploma online with all the troubles that comes with going to school.

·     Look into work-study programs

You can consider this as it is a great option. If you are interested in a particular field, you can consider a work-study program which will increase your level of experience and increase your chances of landing a job after graduating.

·     Get a GED

The GED (General Education Development) is usually seen as the equivalent of to a high school diploma and so if you are deciding on dropping out of high school, you can take the exam as it shows employers that you have the education of someone with a high school diploma without going to high school.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do students drop out of high school?

Every individual has his or her own reason for dropping out of high school but some of the common reason students drop out of college are:

  • They do not feel supported, motivated or challenged
  • They have other responsibilities
  • They are feeling disrespected
  • They feel the strong need for more adventure
  • They are not able to keep up with schoolwork and usually miss classes
  • They do not believe in education

Can I succeed after dropping out of high school?

Success is not always tied to education and because you have a high school education doesn’t guarantee that you would succeed. You can succeed even after dropping out of high school. It just comes down to your determination, enthusiasm and plan after dropping out of high school. So yes, you can succeed.

Are there any successful high school drop outs?

Of course there are some high school drop outs that succeeded in life after their decision. Some of the most successful people in the world didn’t graduate from high school but this doesn’t mean that you should drop out of high school if you have the means to get educated. Some of these successful high school drop outs are:

  • Richard Branson, CEO of Virgin
  • David Karp, the founder of Tumblr
  • Hollywood actors like Catherine Zeta-Jones, Robert De Niro
  • Music stars like Jay-Z and 50 Cent
  • And many others.

When can I drop out of high school?

The age to drop out of high school depends on the state you are schooling in as every state has its own age for dropping out. Some states fixed their age at 16 years while some others fixed theirs at 18 years. So before you drop out, make sure you know the legal age for leaving school in your state.

Final Note

Dropping out of high school is a serious decision like we have said in this article and the thing is the decision is yours to make. Ensure that you are quitting school for the right reasons so that you don’t end up regretting your decision later.

Talk to trusted people about your decision like your parents or guardians, teachers and guidance counselor and also know that they might kick against your decision and want to talk you out of it. Explain your reasons to them and be solid about your decision if that is the right decision for you.

You can also consider alternative high school where you could have flexible times and can work and study to earn some money to assist your financially and keep you in school.


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