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How To Draw A School Bus

How To Draw A School Bus-were you giving an assignment to draw a school bus and you are looking for a step by step illustration on how you could draw a school bus, then you are reading the right article as we are going to show you easy steps to draw a school bus even without you having any knowledge on how to draw.

All you need is a sheet of paper, a pencil, an eraser and also crayons to color the school bus.

So without further ado, let’s start the tutorial…

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Easy Steps To Draw A School Bus

·     Draw a long, horizontal rectangle

You will begin by drawing a long, horizontal rectangle and one end of the rectangle; draw a short side at a diagonal angle.

The rectangle you have drawn will form the windows of the bus and the diagonal side will comprise the front windshield.

·     Extend the bottom top of the windshield with a slanted line and then straight line

So from under the diagonal angle for the windshield, draw another shorter line downward as this will form the front of the school bus.

Then you draw a straight horizontal line from the front of the bus and extend it past the first rectangle you drew for the windows of the bus. This straight horizontal line you have drawn forms the bottom of the vehicle.

·     Draw a straight line that is parallel to the top of the windows

Connect the straight horizontal line you drew for the bottom of the bus to the parallel line at the top of the windows with a straight line.

Curve the corners where these lines meet and where the lines are attached to the windows. With this, you will enclose the outline of the bus.

·     Outline the bumpers and wheel wells at the bottom of the bus

You will draw a straight line and another parallel to the bottom of the bus from the front of the bus.

Then you draw a semicircle to form the wheel well and another straight line. Then you draw another semicircle and straight line and connect this line to the back of the bus with a curved line.

·     Draw a circle within a circle in each of the wheel well

In each of the wheel wells you have drawn above, draw a circle within a circle. This forms the tire and hubcap.

Then you draw a straight line beneath the wheels to form the ground. You can also add more lines to add more details to the ground.

·     Draw parallel straight lines along the side of the bus

To get the back tail light, enclose a small rectangle and also use a rounded rectangle for the headlights. Ensure you use guided lines which you can easily erase.

·     Draw straight lines near the front wheel

Do you know why you are drawing these straight lines near the front wheel of the school bus; it is to detail the bus.

Then you draw straight vertical lines to separate the windows and then sets of diagonal straight lines on each window to show a reflection.

·     Write “SCHOOL BUS” on the side of the bus

After you must have finished drawing the lines, you can then write “SCHOOL BUS” boldly on the side of the bus.

·     Color your school bus

With the crayon, you can then color your school bus. Most school buses are yellow and sometimes, some schools might have their own official color. So this depends on your preference or the instruction given.



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