List Of Courses Under Arts Department

List Of Courses Under Arts Departments – Could it be said that you are an Arts student  in an optional school who is as yet occupied with the contemplations of which best arts degree course you can study in Nigeria? Or on the other hand maybe you have left optional school for some time and presently, you need to look for admission to concentrate on an Arts degree course at the college; I mean, courses under Art departments.

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I have assembled 92 arrangements of unadulterated Arts courses you can study as an undergraduate of the Arts department  in Nigeria with admittance to Admission prerequisites. This implies the subjects you want to have in your O level (WAEC, NECO, GCE) result to concentrate on these Arts courses. Utilize the hunt box beneath the rundown to look for each unadulterated Arts course subject combination.

On the off chance that you’re an Arts undergraduate you are naturally a Arts and humanities undergraduate and you should concentrate on a Arts degree course besides in intriguing situations where you decide to change to an alternate course outside Arts and humanities subjects. In the event that you don’t have any idea, there are 2 resources in the college where Art subjects are instructed. They incorporate the (Faculty of Law and Faculty of Art/Humanities).

Besides, on the off chance that you have a distinct fascination with sociology (business) degree courses, nothing prevents you from concentrating on any Commercial courses in Nigerian colleges. The main contrast between the Commercial subject and Art subjects is Account, Commerce and Literature in English.

Furthermore, your area of expertise in optional school doesn’t figure out what you will learn in school. So lengthy you have the right subject combination for the course you wish to study. It’s a not insignificant rundown of straightforward Arts courses and complex ones.

I expect you might have had a thought of what you wish to concentrate on; however yet, I ask you to go through this rundown cautiously – I bet you might adjust your perspective. So take as much time as necessary… and settle on the best decision.

With the subject listed beneath, you can concentrate on practically any Art degree courses recorded here. Beside Mathematics and English, the two subjects in intense are an unquestionable requirement assuming you wish to concentrate on any Art courses. No institution even acknowledges D7 or E8 in these subjects and Municipal and Trade subjects are not an unquestionable requirement. Regardless of whether you bomb the Civic Education and Trade subject, you will in any case be given affirmation in the event that you have 5 credits in the expected subjects.

Significance Of Arts Courses

  • Artistic expressions associate individuals across time and societies. Since artistic expressions are both general and socially explicit, they are a strong method for expanding global and between social impact.
  • They assist with working on worldwide relations.
  • Through the investigation of artistic expression, undergraduates gain a more prominent comprehension of their own way of life as well as groundwork for worldwide citizenship.
  • They help decipher and safeguard the law and constitution of a nation, guaranteeing that lawfulness wins in the general public

Rundown of expressions and humanities(Arts). courses in Nigeria Universities

  • Archaeology
  • African and Asian Studies
  • Anthropology
  • Arabic Studies
  • Arabic Language and Literature
  • Arabic and IS
  • Arts (Combined)
  • Christian Religious Knowledge/Studies
  • Christian Studies
  • Classical Studies
  • Communication Arts
  • Communication and Language Arts
  • Comparative Religious Studies
  • Counselling and Psychology
  • Creative Arts
  • Drama/Dramatic Arts/Performing Arts/Theatres Arts
  • International Studies and Diplomacy
  • Efik-Ibibio
  • English Language
  • English Language and Literature
  • English Studies
  • English and Literary Studies
  • English and International Studies
  • Economics
  • Fine Art/Fine and Applied Arts
  • Foreign Language and Literature
  • French
  • French and International Relations
  • French and German/Russian
  • Fulfulde
  • Geography and Environmental Studies
  • German
  • Hausa
  • History
  • History and Archaeology
  • History/International Studies
  • History and Diplomacy
  • History and Diplomatic Studies
  • History and Strategic Studies
  • History and Political Studies
  • Igbo
  • Igbo/Linguistics
  • International Studies and Diplomacy
  • International and Comparative Politics
  • IS
  • Kanuri
  • Kiswahili
  • Languages
  • Languages Arts
  • Languages Arts and Yoruba
  • Language and Linguistics
  • Language and Literature
  • Linguistics
  • Linguistics/Yoruba
  • Linguistics/Edo
  • Linguistics/Urhobo
  • Literature in English
  • Mass Communication
  • Modern European Languages
  • Modern Language and Translation
  • Music
  • Philosophy
  • Philosophy and Religious Studies
  • Political Science and Conflict Resolution
  • Psychology and Human Development
  • Portuguese
  • Portuguese/English
  • Religion and Philosophy
  • Religion and Science
  • Religious Studies
  • Religious Studies/Theology
  • Russian with French/German
  • Sociology
  • Theology
  • Yoruba
  • Yoruba and Communication

General Admission Requirements for Art Courses


O’level: Five (5) SSC credit passes to incorporate English language and four (4) other pertinent subjects.

Support subject combination: Any three (3) subjects.

English Language

Five (5) SSC credit passes to remember Literature for English, English Language and three different Arts or Social Science subjects.

Support subject mix: Literature in English, another Arts subject and different Arts or Social Science subject.

Social Studies

O’level: Five (5) SSC credit passes to incorporate English Language and CRS/IS.

UTME subject: CRS/IS and some other two (2) subjects

Every one of the courses named above are the best Arts courses to study in Nigeria. Be that as it may, it is great to concentrate on the employability pace of a course before you take the plunge, particularly in Nigeria. It is the employability rate that makes a course in arts the best arts course to study and From my exploration, I will give rundown of some best Arts courses to study in Nigeria

The (10) Good And  Best Art Courses In Nigeria

  • Mass Communication
  • English
  • International Studies and Diplomacy
  • Fine art and design
  • French
  • Theatre art
  • Creative art
  • Communication Arts
  • Music
  • Counselling and Psychology

A few Courses Under Art Department with Their O’level and UTME Requirements

Here, we’ve appended the SSCE/NECO and UTME necessities for a portion of the famous Art courses presented by tertiary foundations in the country:

1: Anthropology; Archeology; Classical Studies; Communication and Language Arts

O’Level Requirements:

You really want Five SSC credit passes, including one of Government/History, Religious Studies, Geography and Economics.

UTME Subjects:

You really want any three of History, CRS/IS, Geography, Economics, Literature-in-English, and French.

2: Arabic Language; Arabic and IS; Arabic Language and Literature; Arabic Studies

O’Level Requirements:

You really want Five SSC credit passes in English Language, Arabic, and three (3) other applicable subjects.

UTME Subjects:

You really want to compose Arabic and two (2) subjects from Arts and additionally Social Sciences.

3: Christian Religious Knowledge/Studies; Christian Studies

O’Level Requirements:

You really want to have Five SSC credit passes in English Language, CRS and three (3) other pertinent subjects.

UTME Subjects:

You are to compose Two Arts subjects including CRS and some other subject.

4: Communication Arts; Communication Studies.

O’Level Requirements:

You will require Five SSC credit passes or identical including English Language, Literature-in-English, Arts/Music relying upon the blend.

UTME Subjects:

You are to compose any three Arts or Social Science subjects.

5: Comparative Religious Studies

O’Level Requirements:

You should have Five SSC credit passes to incorporate the English Language, IS, and three (3) different Arts/Social Sciences/Science subjects.

UTME Subjects:

You should compose CRS/IS and two (2) different Arts or Social Science subjects.

6: Drama/Dramatic Arts/Performing Arts/Theaters Arts

O’Level Requirements:

You should compose Five SSC credit passes to incorporate English Language and Arts subjects.

UTME Subjects:

You are to compose Literature in English and two (2) other significant subjects.

7: Economics

O’Level Requirements:

You should have Five SSC credit passes to incorporate English Language, Mathematics, Economics, and somewhere around two (2) other pertinent subjects from Commerce, Government, and Accounting.

UTME Subjects:

You are to compose Economics, Mathematics and any of Government, History, Geography, Literature in English, French and CRS/IS.

8: English and International Studies;

English and Literary Studies; English Language; English Language and Literature; English Language and Communication studies; English Literature and Language; English Studies; European and Nigerian Languages

O’Level Requirements:

You really want to have Five SSC credit passes to incorporate English Language, Literature in English, and some other three (3) Arts/Social Science subjects.

UTME Subjects:

You are to compose Literature in English, Government or History or some other Arts subjects.

9: Fine Art/Fine and Applied Arts; Fine expressions and Design


O’Level Requirements:

You are to have Five SSC credit passes to incorporate English Language and Fine Arts For holders of NTC, the pertinent subjects could be General Woodwork, Building/Engineering Drawing, Introduction to Building Construction; Decorative Painting; Spray Painting, Lining, Sign and Design; Wall hanging, Color Mixing/Matching and Glazing; Printing Origination; Machine Printing and Finishing; General Metal Work, Basic Electricity, Spinning, Weaving, Surface Design and Printing; Bleaching, Dyeing, and Finishing; Graphic Design; Graphics Printing and Ceramics.

UTME Subjects:

You ought to compose Fine Arts and two (2) different Arts subjects or Social Science subjects.

10: Music

O’Level Requirements:

You are to have Five SSC credit passes including Music and English Language.

UTME Subjects:

You are to compose Music, another Art subject in addition to some other subject.

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