Countries With The Worst Educational System

Countries With The Worst Educational System – Education is one of man’s numerous missions. The value of education cannot be overemphasized. The best gift a man can benefit from his country is education but it is however unfortunate that even at the advancement of education all over the world, some countries have refused to upgrade their educational system.

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These countries’ educational systems could be said to move at the speed of a tortoise that is about to cross to the other end of the ocean if it moves at all. Certain factors could contribute to these problems. The most common factors are war and poverty. 

——Countries With The Worst Educational System—–

The countries listed below were nominated based on the following criteria:

1. Level illiteracy amongst the youths and adults

2. Poor tertiary institutions enrollment.

3. Low budget allocation for the Education sector by the government.

4. Low education development index

5. Advanced level on teaching.

Countries With The Worst Education System

1. The Central African Republic

This country has been rated as one of the countries with the worst education system. 

Although this country has a rating of about 56.6% of adult literacy, its poor educational system is still attributed to a practice they refer to as ‘ethnic cleansing’ The level of internal violence and turmoil in the country is alarming. Currently, the people of this country are subjected to everyday violent activities like shooting, slaughter,  torture, mob lynching, bomb explosion, burning amongst others. This factor alone has hurt the educational system of the country ever since it began in 2012. 

The UN has tried to boost the educational system of the country but it has not been yielding as even the government have not been giving the right funding and allocation for the country’s education hence the inadequate provision of learning materials for students and inconsistent payment of teacher’s salary has led to a drastic fall in the academic standard of the country.

2. Ethiopia 

Having some of the lowest academic statistics in the world, Ethiopia has emerged as one of the countries with the worst educational system in the world. 

The educational system in Ethiopia is very poor. It has an enrollment ratio of just 5.5% out of 100%. 

The state of Ethiopia’s educational system aroused the interest of the World Bank and the World Bank has decided to contribute to advancing their educational system.

3. India

This Asian country is another country that has one of the worst educational systems in the world.

According to reports from some Indian students, not all part of the country has a poor educational system. 

Education is not based on teachers and students but on management and parents.

——Countries With The Worst Educational System—–

Most of the country’s institutions had always inflicted mental and physical pain. Students claimed they could get lashed for any single thing.

No, the level of the poor education system is not based in India is not a result of poor allocation of funds but as a result of the mental pain inflicted on them.

Students claim they are rarely taught any moral values. instead, tons of assignments are given to them.

Their educational system can be tagged as old as they have refused to upgrade.

4. Indonesia

Indonesia is another country that has the worst educational system in the world. The institution has a record of irregular and inconsistent curriculum for study. 

When a minister of education is changed, the new minister would change the curriculum as every one of them wants to become a hero who introduced a new curriculum and one who has a positive impact on the education and the government at large. 

The country’s educational system has no standard as the government is less concerned with the knowledge and morals instilled in the students at the end of the day.

5. Pakistan

The country’s educational system is greatly affected by its morals and religious beliefs. 

Also, the influence of the militant Taliban has a great effect on it too. This country provides powerful guns to pupils and encourages/provokes them to make jihad against kafir. 

This is so dangerous as even little children have the wrong morals instilled in them.

6. Latvia

No, this country’s educational system is not based on war,  poor allocation, or other factors but on the fact that courses introduced by this country to its students are 100 years too early. Latvia is a country on the Baltic Sea between Lithuania and Estonia.  What other countries teaches its student by the 12th grade is what students at Latvia learn in the 9th grade. The courses students study in the University in other countries is what Latvia students study in their 10th grade. The educational system is too choking for the students.

7. Equatorial Guinea

This country comes out as one of the extinct education systems.

The country only contribute a very minute rate of 0.6 % of their already small $13,430,000,000 that constitutes their GDP

The countries’ poor educational system is a result of the poor budget allocation allocated to the education sector of the country.

8. Somalia

 Somalia is a poor country and this can be a suitable reason why the educational system is poor. In this country, only 10% of pupils attend primary school. 

 The country has a very poor rate of education due to poverty.

9. Afghanistan

Poverty and political instability in Afghanistan have made the institution stand out as one of the countries with the worst educational system in the world.

10. Nepal

In Nepal, the students are not graded by what they write but on the contrary, it depends on the teachers’ mood and the student’s handwriting. 

That means you do not have to study hard in the institution in this country once you have good handwriting and when the teacher is in a good mood, you are capable of earning a good grade. This would affect the students when they go out and are faced with greater challenges.  The country has greatly discouraged the students as students who study hard would fail if the teacher is so not in a good mood at the time of the tests and exams and also if they have poor or average handwriting.

11. Angola

In Angola, less than 0.7 percent of Angola citizens barely get to obtain a tertiary education degree. 

According to UNESCO Educational Development Index, this country is rated as 111th. 

The country has however been trying its possible best to improve its educational system.

12. Niger

In 2012, over 70 percent of the young girls in the institution has never attended elementary school. 

Students who have managed to attend schools have had a high battle as finances had made it quite difficult for them.

The country has a poor educational standard. About 15 percent only of adults can be considered as fully literate, 5.2 percent of the countries’ population has been able to attain the secondary level education and over 31 percent has ditched school at certain levels owing to a lot of reasons like poverty amongst others.

Bottom Line

Education is important in the life of an individual. Most countries have however not been able to meet the standard of a quality institution and educational system.

There are several reasons why most countries have not been able to provide quality education to its students ranging from poverty, too much pressure, over education amongst others.

While the educational standard of some countries is too low, it is too low for some of them.

——Countries With The Worst Educational System—–

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