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How To Transfer From Community College To University

How To Transfer From Community College To University-If you are a community college student and you are considering to transfer to the university to obtain a bachelor’s degree, then you saw this article right in time. Many community college students fail to transfer to a four-year university to obtain a bachelor’s degree because they lack the right information.


Actually, the process of transferring from a community college to a university can be intimidating and daunting but why go through this alone when we got you. With the right information at your fingertip, you can see yourself easily transferring from community college to university.

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Without further ado, let’s help make your transition easier…

How To Transfer From Community College To University

You have to plan ahead of your transfer

When you know that you want to transfer to a four-year college or university, you will have to start planning towards it. You will have to meet with your academic adviser and relate your plans with him or her.

They will be able to help you consider factors like class schedules, transfer credit requirements and application deadlines.

Try to check in with your adviser regularly to make sure that you are on track to transfer and so as to avoid having to take extra semesters of classes to meet up with transfer credit requirements.

Look at your options for four-year universities

Even if you have your heart set on a particular university, you still have to look into other universities so as to compare your options and consider some factors. You can do well to speak with an academic adviser or counselor to get a better understanding of some of the universities.

You should also consider your field of study as some universities are better than some others in certain areas.

Also check if any university in your state has an articulation agreement with your community college as this will also make it easier for you to transfer from community college to university.

Choose your major early

It is very important that you know the field you will like to focus on as this will help you know the classes to take while in community college. Knowing and choosing your major early will make it easier to avoid taking general education requirements that may only apply to an associate degree.

Try to figure out your interest in your first semester as this will help you focus on a direction but mind you, you can change your direction if necessary. Just try to earn good grades and credits towards a major to put you in a good position to transfer.

Pick classes for the purpose of transfer

You will have to confirm before registration period that the classes you plan to sign up for will transfer to the University of your Choice. Ask your academic adviser or check the website of the university you plan to transfer to for information on transfer.

Earn your associate degree

If your community college offers associate degree, then you will have to earn your associate degree. Report has it that community college students who graduate with an associate degree are more likely to be admitted to the university and also complete a bachelor’s degree.

Although it is possible to transfer with only credits, transferring with a degree with increase your chances of success.

Some two-year community colleges that do not offer an associate degree still have ways for you to transfer.

Find out the application deadlines of the university

Visit the university’s website to get information about the application deadline and also the requirements for transfer. You can also contact the university’s admission office to get confirmation.

Take your application seriously

Make sure you read the directions and questions carefully to understand what they expect from you and make sure you fill out every field and answer every questions correctly even the minor ones about yourself as this will show your commitment and interest.

Ensure you get all the required recommendations

Make sure you get good and amazing recommendations from your academic adviser and professors.

The letters are expected to come from professors who are familiar with your capabilities, character, work ethics, communication skills and academic success.

You can also talk to the people that will be writing the letter to include the reasons you chose to go to the university as this will certainly increase your chances of getting into the university.

Write your essays very well

Make sure you write your essays very well as this will certainly increase your chances of getting transferred. Do not feel nonchalant about the essay and write it as though they will be graded.

Take your time to write the essay so that it will be easy, clear and rich in quality. You can ask a tutor, professor, friend or relative to review what you have written to ensure that there are no mistakes and errors.

Submit your application on time

Regardless of the form of your application whether paper form or online, you should make sure you submit the application as early as possible. Do not wait till the deadline date to submit as submitting early will save you stress and anxiety.

Check the acceptance system of the school you are applying for so that you will know how you will apply.

Look for financial aid

You can decide to apply for any financial aid before enrolling into a university. Apply for student aid that you can afford and also look for transfer scholarships that are available at the university you want to transfer to.

You can visit the university’s financial aid office to get more information about the financial aids available in the school.

Make sure all your credits are transferred

You will have to work with your new school to make sure that your credits are transferred although in most cases, the transfer happens automatically.

Try to follow up with emails or calls to the registrar to check how the process is going.

You can also meet the registrar to help clarify the process and also provide them with more information about the classes you took.

Look into your academic standing

You will have to thoroughly check that the university you transferred to recorded you at the correct level even if you meet the credit requirements.

If you are recorded at a lower level, do well to ask why and if it would affect your graduation within the stipulated time frame.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it easy to transfer from a community college to a university?

Yes, it is quite easy to transfer from a community college to a university as you just have to meet the transfer credit requirements for the university you want to transfer to and start your application as early as possible.

Can I go back to community college after transfer to a university?

Sometimes, students might undergo a reverse transfer as they transfer to community college from a university and this might be as a result of lack of funds or some other factors.

Community colleges are a great option for low income students that are having financial challenges.

Can I transfer to a university after one semester in community college?

Yes, you can transfer to the university after just one semester in the community college. You don’t have to wait till you have your associate degree if you community college gives one before you transfer. You can transfer at the end of the semester as it is better than transferring during the semester.

Are all community colleges two years?

Yes, all the community colleges are two years although some of these institutions have started offering bachelor’s degree program that allows students to earn a four-year degree.

Can I transfer to an Ivy League School from a community college?

Yes, you can transfer to an Ivy League school from a community college provided you meet the transfer requirements and also apply early. There are a lot of competitions in these universities and so you will have to be up and doing.

Final Note

It is not a bad idea to go to community college first before transferring to a university but you will have to plan ahead of your transfer especially when you know that you will be transferring.

A lot of students enter into community college with the mindset of transferring and if you are in this category, this article is for you.

Read through all the tips we have highlighted to guide you on your transfer from a community college to a university and with this, your transfer process will be easy and smooth.

We hope this article will be helpful to you and we wish you success in your transfer.




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