Challenges Facing Educational Planning In Kenya

Challenges Facing Educational Planning In Kenya-For a nation’s educational system to become sound there must be effective educational planning as it is the key to the realization of educational goals and objectives.

The educational planning in Kenya is facing a lot of problems and this has led to the poor educational system in the country and also the way people in the country see education.

The educational system is facing challenges like underfunding, inadequate teachers, corruption, weak leadership, lack of effective planning and inadequate infrastructural facilities and all these has led to the poor state of education in the country.

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This article is talking about the challenges facing educational planning in Kenya and also the solutions that can be put in place to overcome these challenges and create a sound educational system for Kenyans.

Without further ado, let’s see a list of what we will be discussing before we proceed:

Table Of Content

  • What is educational planning?
  • Challenges facing educational planning in Kenya
  • How to overcome the challenges facing educational planning in Kenya

Let’s proceed…

What Is Educational Planning?

Educational planning is the process of applying logical and rational procedures of educational development by identifying educational needs and setting out goals and objectives with the aim of making education more effective and efficient in responding to the needs of the society.

Educational planning is the systematic and strategic set of decisions for future actions with the aim of achieving educational goals by using scarce resources optimally and efficiently.

Through educational planning, the nation will be able to identify what needs to be done to promote education, the direction education should take, the strategic course of action for the future and also the execution of these actions in order to achieve the educational goals and objectives that have been set.

Challenges Facing Educational Planning In Kenya

Like we mentioned earlier that the educational system in Kenya has a lot of problems and this is as a result of ineffective educational planning which has encountered a lot of challenges which we will be discussing.

Some of the challenges are:

  • Lack of professional educational planners

This is a big challenge facing the educational system in Kenya and it has affected education in the country. The planning unit of the ministry of education in the country needs well trained personnel to carry out projects that will promote the educational sector but the unit lacks educational planners, statisticians and analysts who could effectively develop and ensure successful execution of plans.

Also, these educational planners are not put in their appropriate positions which have led to the formulation of ineffective policies for the educational sector.

  • Lack of planning materials

Another challenge is that planning materials are not readily available in some of the departments and agencies handling the educational planning and this is as a result of inadequate planning tools.

For educational planners to work well, the planning tools have to be made available for them. Tools like computers, calculating machines and other facilities that are needed for effective planning.

  • Lack of data or information for planning

Most educational policies in the country have failed as a result of lack of information to help the educational planners plan. The statistical data the educational planners work with sometimes are inaccurate and this has made it difficult for the planners to come up with effective educational plans.

This can be as a result of using unqualified personnel to get the needed information, lack of adequate tools for collecting data, lack of funds and also corruption.

  • Poor capacity development programme

This challenge has really slowed down the progress of the educational sector in the country because it has led to ineffective educational planning. Some of the educational planners working in the ministries are not exposed to training programmes that will help them acquire the necessary skill for effective educational planning.

  • Political instability

This problem has reduced the effectiveness of educational planning as planning process that was started by one administration is interrupted by another leading to abandoning of educational plans already put in place.

Sometimes, a change in government will bring about a change in the planning committee as the new government will bring in its own people with its own policies and plans instead of continuing from where the previous government stopped. This is really quite challenging.

  • Political influence

The political office holders in the country are known to influence the decisions and policies in some sectors of the country and the educational sector is not an exception. They influence these decisions to their interest there by preventing effective educational planning in the country.

Due to this selfish act, the educational institutions are not evenly distributed to meet the needs of the citizens as some communities have more educational institutions than others.

  • Inadequate funding

There has also been a neglect of the educational sector by the government and this has made the sector to experience underfunding. After the educational plans have been set out and funds requested, the political holders influence the allocation of the funds thereby releasing little which will lead to the incompletion of any project or building of educational institutions that will not last.

How To Overcome The Challenges Facing Educational Planning In Kenya

We have looked at the challenges that have led to the poor educational system in the country and now we are going to look through the possible solutions to these problems so as to come up with effective educational planning.

Some of these solutions are:

  • Funding of educational planning

The government should in its capacity, increase the allocation for educational planning as this will help to employ more planning professionals, build educational institutions and also carry out other educational planning services for effective educational planning.

  • Provision of constant training programmes for planners

The government should ensure that the educational planners handling planning are provided with constant training programme to help increase their planning capacity and also human capital.

  • Provision of planning materials and tools

Planning tools and materials should be provided for the educational planners to help increase their efficiency and effectively in planning.

  • Policy continuity

The government should create a measure that will allow for continuity of educational policies and projects so that the exit of one government will not stop the implementation of plans that are already in place.

  • Provision of accurate data and information

The government should provide materials and funds to help those in charge of generating data for educational planning. This will help to generate current and accurate information to help ensure effective educational planning.

  • There should be freedom for educational planners to work

The political office holders in government should allow the educational planners to work professionally without them interfering and influencing the plans and policies to suit their interest and selfish goals.

Educational planning should be comprehensive to cover every area and meet the educational needs of the society.

  • The government should employ professional planners

The government should employ educational planner that are professional and competent enough to carry out educational planning and come up with educational policies to help improve the educational system in the country.

Final Note

The importance of educational planning cannot be overemphasized and it is the key to realizing the educational objectives in Kenya. Every hand has to be one deck in order to actualize effective educational planning and promote a sound educational system.

We have talked about the challenges facing educational planning in Kenya and also how we can overcome these challenges. Education is important for the growth and development of every nation and it is the best investment for a nation.

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