5 Golden Tips To Build A Good Reading Habit

Golden Tips To Build A Good Reading Habit – Reading can be perceived as getting knowledge from the future. It is a means of learning something you haven’t come across just from the experience of another person (The author). Just like Bisila Bokoko said, “With the book, you are never alone. ” “To acquire the good habit of reading is to construct yourself a refuge from all the potential miseries of life “- Somerset Maugham

Reading is a good habit which most professionals have in common. It helps you think deeper, understand from other peoples experience, build more knowledge on your field and lastly, they can help sharpen your mind and skills. Each year, most people set reading goals on the number of books they would love to read. But like the common new year resolutions, they never find the interest and time to achieve their goals.

In this article, we want to help you see reading from a totally different direction, we want you to see it as fun, a process that is enjoyable and worthy of your time and interest. With such mindset, you will become interested in books that will help you build aspects of your life that needs improvement.

Golden Tips To Build A Good Reading Habit

Below are some essential ideas, that will help you cultivate a good reading habit:


The first step towards cultivating a good reading habit is by determining the reading goal. This is what the reading is all about and what you intend benefiting at the end of the reading. Some people aim of reading might be to gain more knowledge about a topic, or to seek solution for a particular problem etc when you find a good reason why you need to read those books, you will be motivated to do so.


Now you have successfully determined your reading goal. The next step you should take now is how to achieve this goal. Your first step should be about mapping a list of books you will love to read, that are related to what you want to achieve. You can decide to set aside few books or two to three books you can cover in a month, and hopefully, more books to cover for the year. Make your list simple and easy to achieve. Its better you start at a smaller pace before you move into the advance system of reading more books.


Now you have a list of books you will love to cover for the month and for the year, you next step is to set up the best reading times, venue and condition you will love to read on. You can set up a mini library or room in your home where you will be reading in. So anytime you are in there, you will be in the right reading mood.


Do not over stress yourself by trying to read or finish the whole book in a day. Divide the number of pages in the books into bits and try to cover them bit by bit. This will ensure you don’t get stressed and tired reading the books and will also help you remember all that you have read.


Another great step you can take towards been motivated to read books is by joining a book reading team. You can find lots of book reading communities online with people interested in forming a team. This will help you stay motivated and concentrated in achieving your goal.

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