Books on Making Polymer Clay Fairy House

Polymer clay is a well-known creative medium due to its flexibility, pliability, and ease of use. It’s an oven-baking modeling substance made up of polymers, resins, coloring agents, and fillers.

Polymer clay is used by a wide range of artists and amateurs, from youngsters to professional artists and filmmakers. It maintains its softness over time and may be cooked in a home oven while preserving its color and size. It comes in different colors, including metallics, glow-in-the-dark, and “stone.” It can be used to make fairies, houses, jewelry, etc. Below is a selected list of the best books on making polymer clay fairy house

Books on Making Polymer Clay Fairy House

1. Mushroom Fairy House in Polymer Clay: Sculpt a Flickering LED Candle Holder by Molly Stanton

This particular project will teach you how to sculpt a polymer clay fairy home. Don’t be intimidated by all of the details. This project is suitable for beginners. You’ll get your small fairy house up to Goblin Building Code in no time with 60 figures and well over 150 photographs laying down each activity into clear, doable stages.

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You’ll be the next Fairy Real Estate sensation after learning how to develop beautiful little plants and flowers from skilled Gnome Landscapers. Finally, the addition of the little fireplace that illuminates this piece from the inside will have the Elves vying for your lovely tiny fairy home! We all know that Dwarves are thrifty. The ideas in this project may be used to upcycle any glass jar into a miniature house for the Wee Folk. They’ll be overjoyed.

2. Fairies, Gnomes & Trolls: Create a Fantasy World in Polymer Clay by Maureen Carlson

With this book, you can create a Polymer Clay Fantasy World. Make a lovely polymer-clay world full of fairies, lively sprites, cunning gnomes and elves, wise wizards, and misunderstood trolls. Fairies, Gnomes & Trolls has everything you need to unleash the characters in your mind and bring the enchantment of the fairy to life, whether you are new to polymer clay or trying to develop your abilities.

Fairies, Gnomes & Trolls contains everything you need to create your fantasy world, including an introduction to polymer clay techniques, a complete section on creating polymer clay figures, and plenty of tips for working with clay and personalizing your projects, and variation projects for many of the characters.

3. FaeMaker: Making Fantasy Characters in Polymer Clay by Dawn M. Schille

This entertaining book teaches readers how to build polymer clay freestanding character figures – what the author refers to as “Oddfae” – dragons, treefolk, witches, wizards, fugitives from fairy tales, figments of the mind, and the somewhat off-center. Readers will learn about materials, particular precautions, and fast, easy approaches, followed by nine step-by-step examples.

Each lesson demonstrates how to construct correct figures, from the foundation through the head, hands, and feet (including eyes, chins, noses, brows, lips, cheeks, mouths, ears, cosmetics, and hair), bodies, baking, and costumes. The author has written tales and poetry about each figure.

4. Sculpting Mythical Creatures out of Polymer Clay: Making a Gnome, Pixie, Halfling, Fairy, Mermaid, Gorgon Vampire, Griffin, Sphinx, Unicorn, Centaur, Leviathan, and Dragon! by Dinko Tilov

Dinko and Boris Tilov, gifted brothers and globally acknowledged clay sculpting professionals, demonstrate to readers step-by-step how to make legendary creatures from polymer clay, beginning with simple characters and progressing to more complicated ones.

Each craft is created by mixing basic clay forms and simple equipment available around the home. Step-by-step photography guides readers through thirteen characters at all levels, each with ingenious variants.

5. Clay Play! 24 Whimsical Projects by Terry Taylor

Make a fantastic alligator, laughing lizard, magic treasure box, and other sculptures, signs, houses, and decorations of basic modeling clay balls and coils! These full-color drawings and step-by-step instructions for 24 crafts, including a cheerful heart, snappy snail, dancing polar bear, and other gems, teach fundamental skills as well as every stage of the crafting process.

Each activity is evaluated on its complexity level and contains a supply list that includes colored clay and everyday household objects. The numbers in the step-by-step directions match color photographs that give easy-to-follow examples. These crafts and their outcomes, which make lovely mementos and unusual presents, will appeal to crafters of all ages.

6. Sculpting the Easy Way In Polymer Clay For Beginners 2 by Esmeralda Gonzalez

The second book in the Sculpting with Polymer Clay for Beginners series demonstrates how to sculpt a fairy head simply. Each stage is well explained and illustrated with full-color photographs.

The book teaches you how to construct the core, insert the eyes, shape the lips, nose, cheeks, apply cosmetics, etc. If you’re getting started sculpting OOAK dolls, this is an excellent book.

7. Kawaii Polymer Clay Creations: 20 Super-Cute Miniature Projects by Emily Chen

Emily Chen demonstrates making twenty cute characters using simple polymer clay methods and equipment. Learn to create small cookies, bread, houses, and ice cream cones that look good enough to eat as you go from a simple bunny to an extravagant unicorn!

Basic jewelry methods are included for turning your polymer clay creations into wearable things. Make a charm out of a cat, a bracelet out of a pig, earrings out of a cupcake, or a ring out of a stack of pancakes. You’ll also learn how to break down your topic into basic forms that you can carve out of clay to create your creations.

8. The Complete Book of Polymer Clay by Lisa Pavelka

The Complete Book of Polymer Clay, published by acclaimed expert Lisa Pavelka, is a comprehensive book that includes the most up-to-date procedures, useful advice, and trade secrets. Pavelka goes through all of the materials, how-to principles, and construction techniques in detail. Regardless of skill level, this is an essential addition to every crafter’s collection.

It’s straightforward, succinct, and comprehensive. For even more inspiration, this practical book contains a gallery of 50 one-of-a-kind sculptures by Pavelka and other excellent polymer clay artists.

Pavelka goes through all of the materials, how-to principles, and construction techniques in detail.

9. Fairy Homes and Gardens by Ashley Rooney and Barbara Purchia

In this brilliantly illustrated book, 30 designers from

across the globe turn natural landscapes into fascinating exhibits that

recapture that sense of awe. Using fake flowers, cloth, wood, wire,

crystals, berries, acorns, baskets, and polymer clay, these artists have been driven to construct their own “once upon a time” fairy house and garden for special occasions, storytelling, or simply because they believe in fairies. In doing so, they tap into our inner kid and inspire us to envision a new world.

This is a tremendous resource for designers and artists, as

well as parents, teachers, or anybody wishing to build their own beautiful


10. Creating Lifelike Figures in Polymer Clay: Tools and Techniques for Sculpting Realistic Figures by Katherine Dewey

This book includes guidelines accompanied by over 400

step-by-step color photos and 200 comprehensive drawings that make up the entire process of sculpting realistic figures, from choosing clay and gathering necessary tools to the fundamentals of modeling the human figure to incorporating poses, facial expressions, ethnic and gender subtleties, costumes, and painted finishing touches.

Basic maps of the figure show the body’s landmarks, whereas scale diagrams show the simple forms concealed inside the human form and how to combine and represent those shapes. This book is a must-have for everyone who likes fantasy, romance, nature, or complex handicrafts.

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