Best Video Editing Courses Online to take in 2022

Best Video Editing Courses Online – Lately, traditional celluloid film editing equipment and analog video editing devices have been replaced by video editing software.

However, because of the multiple problems involved in creating a film or animated series, there is a complex technique known as post-production that is difficult to understand. Fortunately, you may find a variety of video editing classes online.

Best Video Editing Courses Online

There are many video editing courses online to help you produce incredible movies, and we have compiled a list to make it easy for you.

1. Video Editing with Adobe Premiere Pro for Beginners

Skillshare’s top instructor Jordy Vandeput is one of the leading teachers to listen to when it comes to video editing, with roughly a hundred thousand students.

The Video Editing with Adobe Premiere Pro for Novices course, designed specifically for beginners, comprises 19 complete courses that span a little over 3 hours. If you sign up for this comprehensive masterclass, you’ll learn a lot about Adobe Premiere Pro.

2. The Complete Video Production Bootcamp – Udemy

This course is mainly intended to teach you to edit and change films professionally. This program will educate you on the ins and outs of the industry from the bottom up, whether you are a newbie video producer, blogger, or company owner. Examine various cameras, styles, and creative ideas and how to bring them to life.

You’ll also learn how to disseminate your work to a wide audience and how to become noticed. The lectures will give you a thorough grasp of the tools and procedures required to produce a high-quality project. It’s one of the most excellent video editing courses available.

3. Adobe Video and Audio Production – PluralSight

This course guides you through the stages of video editing, starting with basic and progressing to advanced. It works with any of Adobe’s editing software products.

A variety of professors teaches the different panels. Masking and rotoscope are two techniques you may learn and how to understand waveform displays and make them work for you, adding animation and even scripting. In all, there are around 36 hours of teaching. You can move quickly over programs you don’t use since it’s self-paced, but it’s all worthwhile in general, so you may as well pay attention to everything.

4. Introduction to Final Cut Pro X Final Cut Pro X

Introduction to Final Cut Pro X Final Cut Pro X is another intriguing Adobe Premiere Pro competitor. If you’re interested in learning more about Final Cut Pro X, Domestika’s Introduction to Final Cut Pro X is your book. This course, led by creative genius Giacomo Prestinari, has 50 lessons totaling 9 hours. Fortunately, you may complete the course at your speed, just like the other items on the list. This one also includes 28 downloadable materials, so you can be certain that you’ll have all the tools you need when it comes to editing.

5. Premiere Pro CC for Beginners: Video Editing Class in Premiere (Udemy)

Video editing is one of the most in-demand skills nowadays. So, if you want to learn how to edit films professionally, this is the place to go. Learn how to edit a film from beginning to end using precise methods, including how to identify the ideal setup, add motion, and more.

By providing you with hands-on work and experienced assistance, this course curriculum guarantees that you get the confidence to go freelance or seek relevant opportunities. This course is worth a chance since it has over 86,000 students registered.

6. Beginner to Advanced Video Editing in DaVinci Resolve – Udemy

Louay Zambarakji, a motion graphics and film editing specialist, has created another fantastic training. The instructor will lead this course as you learn about DaVinci Resolve, a free professional video editing tool used by professional filmmakers. You do not need any previous video editing abilities with DaVinci Resolve since it is mainly designed for novices to give a path to a career in video editing.

You will learn everything from video editing to visual effects to motion graphics during the lessons. You’ll be capable of creating your video using music, photos, text, and a few transitions after completing the course.

7. Smartphone Video For Beginners – iPhone Video Editing Course – Udemy

This video editing course will show you how to go from basic camera setups to expert multi-track video editing. Robb Montgomery, the course editor, a professional filmmaker, and a journalism professor, teaches video editing using real-world examples. He also demonstrates how to make exciting video storytelling using just your iPhone.

8. Smartphone Video for Beginners – Mobile Video Editing Course – Udemy

This masterclass, taught by Robb Montgomery, one of Udemy’s most popular instructors, will teach you the fundamentals of video editing and how to make a stunning video story using any smartphone.

The course updates new case studies and video project tasks once a month. This masterclass will teach you the art of filmmaking in enough technical depth to allow you to generate high-quality results. You’ll also work on a range of projects throughout the video sessions to help you better grasp video editing for different devices, including Android and iOS. You may get your money back within 30 days if you don’t find the course material beneficial.

9. Powerful Tools for Teaching and Learning: Digital Storytelling (Coursera)

Storytelling requires a mastery of both digital images and sounds. It would help if you acquired storytelling abilities to communicate your message to your target audience successfully. To succeed in the IT business, you must be able to edit a video from beginning to conclusion properly.

This course is designed to educate students about digital storytelling in a new and original way to improve their abilities and increase their knowledge of the topic. The course is an introductory module on video editing, but it covers it extensively and thoroughly for students.

10. iPhone Video Editing CreativeLive

Whether you’re preserving special moments with family and friends or producing a commercial for a company, iPhones have made shooting films simpler. However, for a video to be effective and viewable, you must know how to edit it. Cielo de la Paz, a photographer, filmmaker, and entrepreneur, will show you how to compress your videos and make them attractive enough to share.

11. Beginner to Advanced Video Editing in DaVinci Resolve 15 (Udemy)

DaVinci Resolve is a free/shareware alternative to Adobe editing software, although it is only available for Windows. The course, which was created by real pros, will teach you everything from how to install the program to basic editing for novices. Edits and swaps, color correction, adding graphics, and even working on single frames are all covered in the training modules. There are around 9 hours of on-demand (self-paced) video plus several downloadable materials and additional articles.

12. Become an iMovie Master – Create Amazing Movies Today – Udemy

Content producers use iMovie, a simple video editing tool, to distribute fascinating films on social media. This course may be the fastest and most convenient method for learning iMovie editing from the ground up.

The course teacher, Steve Burnich, will walk you through the courses utilizing step-by-step video tutorials to teach you about different iMovie features. After each lesson, you will do practice media activities as part of the training. You will be able to operate and use iMovie as a professional for editing many films in a short period after finishing the program.


You could choose to work as a video editor or learn this talent to make money or as a pastime. The courses mentioned above are some of the most recognized online video or movie editing courses available to assist you in getting started in video editing.

These courses will teach you how to edit films from scratch and will help you improve your abilities. Start by choosing a course from our list of the best options. They’re led by experts who give hands-on training and other resources to keep the programs fresh and engaging. You may also work on assignments in the courses at your own pace to meet your busy schedule.



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