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Best University Programs to Get Jobs in Canada


Best University Programs to Get Jobs in Canada – Are you interested in studying in Canada? If yes, in this article, we will be taking a good look at some of the best university programs to get jobs in Canada. This article was designed to serve as a guide towards your choice of Canada university.

If you have ever considered furthering your studies, maybe you are planning on going for your masters or post graduate degree, and you have finalized Canada as your best choice, then we are assuring you that you have made the right decision.

Canada is known to have one of the largest population of educated individuals but that’s not only the case. They are also known to have the best educational system in the world, coupled with hardworking professionals, willing to impact knowledge to the younger generation. That is why Canada have become home to most foreign students willing to secure their future.

According to statistics we sourced from the Canadian bureau for international education, there are over five hundred thousand foreign students currently studying in Canada, and many of which will further their program and stay via the post graduate work permit program. This is one of the reasons why we have decided to take a closer look at some of the universities in Canada offering good work study programs.

Top 6 Canadian University Work-Study Programs

  • University of Toronto

The first on our list is the university of Toronto. This is because over three thousand five hundred students currently take part in the university of Toronto’s work study program annually. There are currently two intakes under this program; fall and summer. This program offers paid on campus positions, and also an opportunity for every student to discover and develop their skills, and also find out about means through which their academic studies could translate when they graduate, and start looking for jobs in Canada.

  • McGill University

The second on our list is McGill University. One major reason why this university made our list is because of the wonderful work study program they provide. This program is very important to students willing to make extra money while developing their skills for their careers. International students can also find other opportunities such as those related to technical, clerical, research, library works on campus and also jobs at McGill hospital and related organizations.

To be eligible for this, you will need to meet with the below criteria:

  • Must be receiving the maximum government aid for which you are eligible for
  • Must be a full-time degree student
  • Must have a satisfactory academic standing
  • Must demonstrate financial need.
  • University of British Columbia

The university of British Columbia is another amazing university with an excellent work study program for students who are interested in gaining valuable work experience that will prepare them for their future. There are a lot of job opportunities ranging from administrative to professional works. The most important requirement for this program is that you must be a full-time student already enrolled at UBC and you are only allowed to have one work study program job. Lastly, you will be expected to live in Canada for the length of your program.

  • University of Alberta

One good aspect to note about the university of Alberta is its incredible reputation of helping international and local students find jobs in Canada after graduation. You won’t find such assistance in other countries. There are over two hundred programs to choose from this university, and as an undergraduate student interested in improving your future, there are lots of opportunities you can look into such as internships and so on.

  • McMaster University

McMaster University Is a very popular university amongst a lot of international students. This university supports work study programs which allows students to work for up to ten hours weekly during fall/winter and thirty-five hours during summer.

This program is not available to first year students or international students that are graduates. To take part in this work study program as an international student, you wont be required to provide work permit during your application.

  • University Of Waterloo

The university of waterloo also offers students the opportunity to work and study part time on campus. The work study program was designed to fund 75 percent of the students salary for up to $2000 per term.

This program is only available to students who are:

  • Canadian citizens, permanent residents or protected persons
  • Are currently enrolled in a minimum 60% course load during the current study period
  • Must be eligible for province’s student aid program during the current study period

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