List of Top 15 Best Schools in Canberra

Best Schools in Canberra

Best Schools in Canberra – Finding the best school that can provide quality education and opportunities is vital.

Because education is an essential part of every student’s life, every student must get the best. We have bailed you the stress of searching for the best schools in Canberra. Below, we’ve listed the top 8 in Canberra.

Best Schools in Canberra

1. Canberra Girls Grammar School (CGGS)

Canberra Girls Grammar School is an independent private school established in 1926 in Deakin Canberra. This private school is one of the oldest schools in Canberra; it was formed by the Anglican Community of the Sisters of the Church by an order from the Church of England.

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This non-selective Anglican school has two campuses that accept both girls and boys in preschool and accepts only girls from grades 3 to 12. students in Years 7 to 12 are allowed to choose between boarding and day School. The school has a tuition fee ranging from 7,910 to 2,4570 AUD.

CGGS provides an International Baccalaureate primary years program and Diploma program for every student in Years 7 and 12.

Canberra Girls Grammar School strives to equip and deliver outstanding and high-quality education for every student. The school aims to train every student to become independent, resourceful, caring, and strategic thinking leaders in society.

The Canberra Girls Grammar School won the best girls act in 2021, the best school strategic plan in 2021, and the best non-governmental Primary School in 2021. The Anglican school has produced top award-winning athletes, lawmakers, actors, and many more prominent people in society.

The school organizes signature programs for every student at all levels. This signature program helps groom the students for academic and disciplinary skills, pastoral, and co-curricular domains.

The school is also a member of the Association of Heads of Independent Girls Schools (AHIGS), Alliance of Girls Schools Australasia (AGSA), the Associated Southern Colleges (ASC), and many other well-known bodies.

2. Brindabella Christian College (BCC)

Brindabella Christian College is a private Christian co-educational school created in 1980, and it is located in Charnwood and Lyneham in Canberra.

The private non-denominational school was formerly called O’Connor Christian School before it was changed to Brindabella Christian School. BCC is affiliated with the Association of Independent Schools ACT and the Christian schools Australia (CSA).

Suzanne Power is the current principal of this private school which operates classes for students from early learning to grade 12, and it has a tuition fee of 4,860 to 8,100 AUD.

BCC aims to prepare its students to become critical thinkers and game-changers. The school strives to instill humility, compassion, and purpose in every student.

3. Canberra Grammar School (CGS)

CGS is an independent co-educational school founded in 1929 in Redhill, Canberra.

Canberra Grammar School is a part of the Anglican Church of Australia that operates classes for students from pre-kindergarten to the 12th grade. The school wasn’t co-educational it became a mixed school in 2016.

CGS has five campuses in Australia: Redhill Southside, Redhill Primary, Redhill Senior, Early Learning Center, and Northside Campbell ACT. In grades 11 and 12, students are permitted to either study the New South Wales Higher Certificate or the International Baccalaureate Diploma program.

Justin Garrick heads the Independent co-educational School, and Andrew Robinson is the chairman. The school has over 554 staff and an average tuition fee ranging from 18,200- 26,985 AUD.

CGS has a goal to groom every student intellectually, spiritually, culturally, socially, and physically. The school has a constructed curriculum and co-curricular, and it is affiliated with the Associated Southern Colleges (ASC).

4. Daramalan College (CD)

DC is a Roman Catholic co-educational secondary school established in 1962, and it’s located in Dickson, Canberra. Missionaries of the Sacred Heart operate the school.

At first, the school was an all-boys school before it was converted to a mixed school for students from Year 7 in 1996. The school has a population of 1386 students with a student-to-teacher ratio of 11 to 1.

The Catholic School provides a complete and sophisticated curriculum that encompasses academic, vocational, spiritual pastoral, and Athletics to help groom every student to become confident and empowered.

The school’s current principal is Rachel Francis-Davies, and the school is affiliated with the Associated Southern Colleges (ASC). And it has a tuition fee of 10,600 to 12,400 AUD.

5. Radford College (RC)

Radford College is another Anglican private co-educational school in Canberra, and the school is a part of the Anglican Church of Australia formed in 1983.

Fiona Godfrey is the school principal, and the school offers classes from pre-kindergarten to the 12th grade. The non-selective school is affiliated with the Associated Southern Colleges (ASC), and it has a tuition fee of 10,320 and 16,740 AUD.

Radford College is a vibrant co-educational, independent institution devoted to teaching and assisting students in becoming sympathetic, adaptive, and global citizens.

6. Marist College Canberra (MCC)

Marist College is an independent Roman Catholic or boys school founded in 1968 by the Marist brothers.

The school is located in Canberra, and Matthew Hutchison is the headmaster, with Ryan Greer as the school’s deputy.

The all-boys school accepts students from Year 4 to 12, and it has a tuition fee of 7,185 to 11,286 AUD. The school is a member of the Associated Southern Colleges (ASC) and the Association of Marist Schools of Australia (AMSA)

Marist all-boy school strives to create a positive environment to foster high-quality learning; it also empowers its students to become the best academics. The school also aims to instill love, hospitality, compassion, and faith in each student.

Marist school also competes in competitions hosted by the associated southern colleges in hockey, rugby, cross-country, and other sports.

7. St Edmund’s College

St Edmund’s College is a catholic independent all-boys primary and secondary school founded by the congregation of Christian brothers.

Joe Zarone heads the 68 years old school, and it offers classes for students from Years 4 to 12. The school is a member of the Associated Southern Colleges (ASC), and it has a tuition fee ranging from the lowest class to the highest of 6,500 to 10,800 (AUD).

The all-boys school’s rugby athletic team has won the Waratah Shield 14 times. The rugby team has also competed in championships hosted by the New South Rugby Union.

The all-boys school also offers financial aid to students whose families are not financially buoyant.

Edmund’s college encourages, empowers, and educates its students while also offering a broad curriculum of cultural, pastoral, and sports activities to further their development.

8. Trinity Christian School

Trinity Christian School is an independent co-educational day school established in 1980. The school is the only school in Tuggeranong Valley in Canberra.

Ian Hewitt leads the co-educational school, and it has approximately 1,150 students from preschool to Year 12. The school has an estimated population of 1,150 students, and it has a tuition fee ranging from 6,742 to 9,575 AUD.

The non-denominational school takes its students on mission trips to different parts of the world. Distance has been to Uganda, India, and other countries.

Trinity Christian School is a Christian Community that nurtures students to grow spiritually, intellectually, socially, physically, and mentally through numerous training and opportunities. The school values each student worth and recognizes their responsibilities to others, and it strives to prepare every student for the future.

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