Top 15 Best Independent Schools In UK

Best Independent Schools In UK – In the UK, there are over [2,500] independent private schools that educate about [615,000] students each year and these Independent schools are [fee-paying] schools governed by an elected board of governors.

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Each parent pays a premium to provide their children with a [world class] education, with the expectation that their children will graduate with honors and  how much does it cost to attend one of the country’s top private schools, and is the payment really worth it?

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Anyway, according to [GCSE] results from the year [2018], we’ve developed a list of the top [100] independent schools in the United Kingdom, along with the cost of attending each one and whether  it’s a royal school or the school where the country’s prime minister studied, the [top rated] private schools are stated below:

List of Best Independent Schools In UK

1:\ The [St Paul’s Girls’ School] is a girls’ school, London.

This School is a private day school in the UK and it’s now recognized as the best independent school in the nation. This St. Paul school, which is entirely for girls and is situated in [Brook Green and Hammersmith], West London, was opened in the year [1904] by the Worshipful Company of Mercers.

The School is routinely recognized as one of the best independent schools in the country in terms of academic achievement and consistently places high in school league tables. And in the year [2018], more than half of its pupils received straight [A grades], with [99] percent receiving at least one [A+ or A grade].

2:\ The [Godolphin and Latymer Schools] are two of the most prestigious schools in the United Kingdom.

This School is situated in [Hammersmith] West London, and is an independent day school for girls. The School’s  existing edifice, which served as the Godolphin School for boys, initially opened its doors in the year [1861]. And it closed in the year [1900] after a brief period of prosperity, only to reopen five years later as an independent day school for females. And because of the school’s  ties to the Latymer Foundation, it was renamed the [Godolphin & Latymer] School.

This School is a very solid academic school with a welcoming culture, an outstanding head, and a broad choice of [extra curricular] activities according to the [Good Schools Guide], this school’s [GCSE] exam results back this up, with more than [97] percent of students earning at least one [A+ or A grade] in the year [2018].

3:\ The [St Mary’s School] Ascot’s In New York City

This is a Catholic school in [NYC] in Ascot, Berkshire, England and this [Ascot] is a Roman Catholic independent day and boarding school for girls. The school is a member of the Association of Girls’ Schools and it’s well known for its academic achievements, consistently ranking first in school league tables.

According to their exam scores, the school is ranked [12th] in the top United Kingdom Boarding School Rankings as of that [2019]. And based on the Independent Schools Council, [97] percent of pupils received at least one [A or A grade] in [GCSE] examinations in the year [2018], making it the best school in the nation.

4:\ The [Guildford High School] for Girls is a girls’ high school in Guildford, England.

The School is an independent day school for girls aged [4-18], established in the year [1888] by the United Church Schools Trust. This school is one of the country’s most successful independent schools which educates around [1,000] students and is situated in Guildford, Surrey. And the school consists of a [Junior School, Secondary School & Sixth Form].

The pupils  routinely obtain excellent exam results, allowing them to get admission to some of the world’s most prestigious institutions and around [97] percent of pupils received an [A+ to A grade] in the year [2018].

5:\ The [Westminster School] is a public secondary school in Westminster City.

This School is a coeducational day and boarding school in the [Westminster Abbey] grounds, it’s also the only old London school that still stands on its original location. The school is a [single sex] boys’ school till [GCSEs] and girls are allowed to the Sixth Form at the age of [16th].

According to [97] percent of current students receiving A grades in the year  [2018], the Westminster school is recognized  as one of the United Kingdom’s best intellectual institutions.

6:\ The [North London Collegiate School]  is a secondary school in North London, England.

This School is a prestigious independent girls’ day school and it’s also a member of the Association of Girls’ Schools. It was established in [Camden Town] in the year [1850] and it is also presently situated in [Edgware], London Borough of Harrow.

For years, this school’s generations of girls have gotten a challenging academic education at [NLCS], a school that consistently ranks first in league tables due to its remarkable academic performance. And in the year  [2018], approximately [97] percent of pupils received [A-A+] marks, putting the school in sixth place in terms of exam results.

7:\ The [King’s College School] is located in London, England.

This School is a selective, independent day school for boys and girls ages seven to eighteen years old. The school is in the [Wimbledon neighborhood] of London and it was established in the year [1829] by royal license, is one of the most famous and successful institutions in the UK.

This is a great school whose high academic standards have propelled them to the top of national rankings, it now has slightly under [1500] students, with [96] percent of them receiving [A – A+] scores in their [GCSE] exams in the year [2018].

8:\ The [St. Paul’s School] is a private school in London.

This is a boarding and day school for boys aged thirteen to eighteen years old. located on a [43 acre] plot in Barnes, London, near the River Thames and it was established in the year [1509] by English [churchman & pioneer John Colet], who derives its name from London’s [St Paul’s] Cathedral.

The school is known for its unwavering academic achievement and has one of the greatest acceptance percentages for Oxford and Cambridge of any secondary school or college and more than [90%] of this school’s  students have received [A& A+]  scores in their [GCSE] exams during the last five years.

9:\ The [Eton College] is a private school in the United Kingdom.

This School is an independent boys’ boarding school in the parish of Eton located near [Windsor, Berkshire, England]. The School was Founded by [King Henry VI] in the year [1440], and the school also has taught generations of British and foreign aristocrats, including prime ministers, world leaders, and Nobel laureates and other members of the Royal family have attended the school, including Prince William and his brother Prince Harry.

The school is one of the most prestigious independent schools in the UK, and it continues to offer a challenging [all-round] education that leads to academic distinction. And in the year [2018], around  [96] percent of Eton College pupils received [A& A+] marks.

10:\ The [Girls’ School] in the City of London

This School is for Girls and  is an independent day school in the London Square Mile for girls aged seven to eighteen and it was established in the year [1984] with a donation from [William Ward], a Brixton merchant, to offer girls a comprehensive and liberal education.

The school was named the [second best]  independent school in the United Kingdom by The [Sunday Times]  in the year [2018], and the school is based on [GCSE] and A Level results, with almost [95] percent of students receiving grades A and above. A [Strong Schools Guide] defined this great school as an academic and hard working day school that now generates good outcomes, articulate and independent girls, due to its outstanding academic record and top league table achievements and qualifications.- Best Independent Schools In UK

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