Best High School Students Jobs

Best High School Students Jobs – Are you looking for ways to earn extra pocket money, or do you want to save up for college? Getting a job is a fantastic way to save up for college, but it’s also another way of gaining work experience and making new connections.

You might be wondering what kind of jobs high school students can do. There are many options you can pick from. We’ve come up with different types of jobs high school students can take up. Some of these jobs are surprisingly easy, and some require a little more effort.

Things to Consider before Getting a Job

  • Location
  • Working hours
  • Job responsibilities
  • Benefits
  • Salary
  • Transportation

The Advantages of Working While Still in High School

Time Management

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Managing between a job and school with other things can be overwhelming. But this process teaches you home to manage your time. With time management skills, you’ll be able to manage projects, events and meet deadlines. Having these skills prepares one for life after school.

Work Experience

Today’s job market is filled with many prospective job candidates seeking limited job positions, one of the ways employers choose job applicants is by work experience. Having some job experience on your resume gives you an edge over other job applicants.

Generally, employers want to hire someone who has work experience and is familiar with the workspace area.

Make New Connection

Working early allows you to build professional working relationships with people who may favor you in the future.


Most high school students take up a job because they want to make some income to help out at home or save for college.

Money Management

There’s a difference in the way you spend the money you worked for and the one given to you. When you begin to earn money, you’ll understand what the term “spend wisely” means.

As time goes on, you realize how careful you are not to overspend. That’s where budgeting comes in; you’ll try to follow your budget and avoid spending carelessly.

List of 15 Best High School Students Jobs

Here is a list of 10 jobs high school students apply for to carry on with their studies and income.

1. Babysitter

Babysitting is a popular job for teenagers because it shows responsibility. Babysitters help look after children. They play, prepare food and put kids to bed. If you’re up for this job, you can earn at least $15.93 per hour.

2. Dog Walker

If you’re a dog lover, this job is just perfect for you. People pay dog walkers to walk their dogs. Dog owners may not have time to give their dogs little exercise after a long day from work, so they employ dog walkers. A dog walker takes out dogs for exercise.

They earn approximately $15.16 per hour.

3. Lifeguard

High school students are frequently hired as lifeguards during their summer vacation, making them an ideal candidate for the position. A lifeguard watches after the swimmers in a river and responds to emergencies. But before you can take up a lifeguard job, you must be at least 15 years old, and you must have taken the training for lifeguards. For every hour, a lifeguard earns $11.74.

4. Prep Cook

Prep cooks help the chefs prepare the ingredients they’ll need for cooking. They are usually found at the back of the kitchen, where the food is cooked and stored. If you love cooking you’ll enjoy working on this job. A prep cook earns $12.23 per hour.

5. Yard Worker

Yard work involves mulching, raking of leaves and cutting of grass. High school students who love engaging in physical activities can start a yard work business in their neighborhood. They can earn at least $13 per hour.

6. Janitor

Janitors offer cleaning services. They help clean offices, schools and restaurants. As a Janitor, you are responsible for cleaning. A janitor earns approximately $12.38.

7. Waiter/Waitress

The role of a waiter or waitress is to take orders from customers, serve food and clear the tables after the customers are finished eating. The median pay waiters get $12.05 per hour.

8. Barista

Baristas make coffee and serve other beverages to customers. You can earn $11.57 per hour serving coffee. So if you know how to prepare soothing coffee, you can take up this job.

9. Busser

A busser is responsible for clearing and cleaning tables. Busy restaurants usually hire bussers to clean up tables and reuse tables. Bussers can earn up to $11.14 per hour.

10. Tutor

You can take up tutoring jobs as a high school student. You can tutor children in an elementary class and get paid for every hour you spend. A tutor can earn at least $21.35 per hour.

11. Front Desk Officer

A front desk officer is responsible for greeting customers, answering phones and scheduling appointments. This job will help you develop customer relationship skills. You can take a part-time job as a front desk officer and earn $13.20 per hour.

12. Ice Cream Scooper

This is one delicious job high school students will enjoy doing. An ice cream scooper takes orders and gives out testing samples to customers. You can make a whopping $10.76 per hour.

13. Valet Parking

Suppose you know how to drive a car and own a driver’s license. Valets assist customers in hotels and restaurants to park their car and return it to them when they are leaving. You can earn around $12.05 per hour on this job.

14. Restaurant Host/Hostess

Hosts and hostesses are usually the first to attend to guests entering the restaurant. They help guests feel comfortable. They communicate and find tables for guests. The median pay is $11.57 per hour.

15. Movers

Moving out or into a new place can be hectic. People hire movers to avoid the stress of loading and unloading things. Movers help people to pack in and out when changing locations. If you have the physical strength to carry items, you can give this job a trial.

They earn $14.36 per hour.

Job Hunting Tips for High School Students

Before applying for a job, you need to weigh the pros and the cons. Can I manage my school and work together? How do I search for jobs? What job position can I apply for? We’ve come up with tips to help you search for a job quickly.


Most recruiters don’t necessarily need your resume because they understand that you’re still in high school. It’s necessary to prepare a resume for your job application. These details that may seem irrelevant to you could be what will make you stand out.


Another factor to consider is if your location is within the area of the job you intend to apply for.

You should apply for a job that’s closer to your home and school to juggle between schedules.

Search Jobs Online

The internet is a place full of information. You can easily find job opportunities posted by recruiters or employers online. You can search for jobs on jobs boards online and on your local listings.

Apply for Lots of Jobs

Apply for Lots of jobs because it gives you more chances to be offered a job. Don’t wait to hear back from the jobs you applied for; instead, look for more jobs you can apply for.

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