Best Health Courses To Study in UK

Best Health Courses To Study in UK – Health is one of the most important aspects of our daily lives and in this guide, I’ll elucidate the best health courses to study in UK.

Unlike other countries, UK has so much invested in their education system and studying some lucrative courses; such as health courses, which it over there! – Best Health Courses To Study in UK

The United Kingdom well known for modern parliamentary democracy and industrial revolution supports international students to enroll for a course in their country.

The racism barrier is fair when compared to a certain number of countries where the issue of racism is a threat to the blacks.

Have you been aspiring to study a health course probably in the UK and you’re a bit confused on the particular course you should enroll for?

I’m going to show you the best health courses to study in UK. These courses are in high demand both in the UK and other countries in the world.

When someone’s car breaks down, the person can leave the repair and pursue other things that are needed to put in place in his work or business.

On the other hand, if someone’s health is having a little challenge, you don’t need a special adviser to tell you what to do in this situation.

All that will come to your mind at that moment is to treat your health so that you can be fit to carry other physical activities of which your work and business are included.

This is the significant reason why studying health courses is very profitable both in the UK and other countries.

Before we dive in to give you the best health courses to study in UK, let’s give you some information you need to know ahead of this great topic.

What courses are in demand in UK?

Recent research shows that the most employable degree in the UK is: Medicine & Dentistry, Veterinary Science, and Allied Medicine Subjects.

These three broad courses mentioned above are still in the category of health courses.

Research shows that 99.4% of people that studied Medicine & Dentistry programs got employment within six months in the UK after graduating from school.

With this great percentage, we can notice that the country have few people that studied this courses and they are really in need of people that studied this health courses.

Another health course that is really in need in the UK is Veterinary Science. Research shows that about 95.9% of graduates in this field get employed within six months of their graduation as well.

Veterinary Scientists are people who major in the diagnosis and treatment of animals that are ill. This is similar to medicine though it’s of another branch.

Allied Medicine Subjects are also among the courses that are in need in the UK. From recent research, 95.3% of people that studied in this field have great chances of getting employment within six months. This is quite superb!

The word Allied Medicine Subjects includes all other courses that were attached to the medicine program in higher education.

This includes but is not limited to doctors, theater technicians, medical researchers, and pharmacists. All these people work together to achieve a goal and that goal is to save human lives.

From the brief info above, you can see that the courses that are in high demand in the UK are all Medical courses.

What degree pays most UK?

Research shows that the top three degrees that pay most in the UK are:

  1. Dentistry
  2. Veterinary medicine
  3. Medicine

Dentistry is listed as the number one highest-paid degree as of today in the UK with a starting salary ranging from £38,000.

Veterinary medicine which is among the topmost paid degrees in the UK has a starting salary beginning from £35,300.

Medicine is the third, most paid course in the UK with a starting salary ranging from £33,500.

From the top three most paid degrees, health courses occupy the whole three spaces.

How much can doctors earn in the UK?

Research shows that doctors that are still under training earn a basic salary. This salary includes pay for the hours they work during the daytime, some percentage for working in the night, some weekend allowance for working during the weekend, receiving calls from clients, etc.

With all these tasks, the basic salary ranges from £28,808 to £33,345.

Specialty doctors earn a basic salary which ranges from £45,124 to £77,519.

As a consultant, you can increase your salary by working in the private sector if you wish to.

Doctors who are consultants earn a basic salary that ranges from £82,096 to £110,683.

On the other hand, General Practitioners earn a basic salary that starts from £60,455 to £91,228.

General Practitioners can be categorized into two: those that are running their business alone or in partnership and the salary-based practitioners.

Those that run their practices as a business are known as the Independent Practitioners. While the salary based are those that are employed and are paid by organizations.

Top 8 Best Health Courses To Study in UK

  1. Cancer Biology and Immunology BSc (Hons)
  2. Cellular and Molecular Medicine MSci
  3. Cellular and Molecular Medicine MD
  4. Dental Hygiene and Therapy BSc (Hons)
  5. Dentistry – BDS entry (5 years) BDS
  6. Exercise, Nutrition and Health PhD
  7. Gateway to Dentistry BDS
  8. Medicine – MBChB Standard entry (5 years) MB

#1 Cancer Biology and Immunology BSc (Hons)

People who enroll in this course are expected that in their first year, they will obtain the biology of normal and cancerous cells.

Furthering studying should enable students to know the immune system. Here they will be lectured on – pathology, microbiology, and biochemistry.

Students in the second year will take a course on the cellular and molecular basis of cancer and its therapy, also in autoimmune diseases, this includes; multiple sclerosis, diabetes and arthritis, and human cancers caused by viruses, etc.

All the practical teaching in years one and two are supported by the eBiolabs dynamic laboratory manual.

Final year candidates will undertake a research project or scientific dissertation, this involves; working in a research group in the Biomedical Sciences or any surrounding hospitals.

Institution: School of Medical Sciences

Degree: Bachelor Degrees (BSc)

Duration: Full Time (3 Years)

Tuition fee: £24,700.00 (US$ 34,857) per year

#2 Cellular and Molecular Medicine MSci

Students in the first year will gain a wide training in biomedical science and as they began to proceed, they will study the cellular and molecular basis of human diseases in addition to basic biochemistry, cell biology, pathology, and microbiology.

During students the second year they will acquire knowledge on molecular genetics, and learn skills in recombinant DNA technology.

Schools eBiolabs dynamic laboratory manual will help students to prepare for practical laboratory sessions in the first and second year.

Students will select options from almost ten different units, which reflect the school’s research strengths in the areas of cancer biology, stem cell biology and regenerative medicine, and infection and immunology.

The final year (fourth year) includes an extended research project and advanced research skills training with an emphasis on the enterprise. 

Students at this stage will carry out research and write a project report based on their research skills training

Institution:  Faculty of Life Sciences

Degree: Bachelor Degrees (BSc)

Duration: Full Time (4 Years)

Tuition fee: £24,700.00 (US$ 34,857) per year

#3 Cellular and Molecular Medicine MD

This particular course is for people that have studied some courses in the medical field.

The School of Cellular and Molecular Medicine which is internationally recognized focuses on the study of cancer biology, infection and immunology, and regenerative medicine.

The school majors in translational research, which means that they turn basic scientific discoveries into something clinically useful.

Key successes of this type include the development of novel drugs, therapies, and diagnostic tests, the implementation of changes to clinical practice, etc.

Graduates from this school can work in academic research, contract research, working in industry, diagnostics and clinical science, secondary education, higher education, science communications, etc.

Institution:  School of Medical Sciences

Degree: Masters Degrees (MD)

Duration: Full Time (5 years)

Tuition fee: £23,900.00 (US$ 33,728) per year

Entry requirements: For international students – Applicants for the MD should be medically qualified and should consult with the graduate director before applying.

#4 Dental Hygiene and Therapy BSc (Hons)

This is a three-year course and it comprises integrated and compulsory units of academic teaching, clinical skills, and practice and dissertation.

The first year provides essential preclinical teaching and training, as well as an introduction to personal and professional development and patient contact on the Periodontal Clinic.

During the second year, you will commence pre-clinical training in restorative techniques for adult patients together with the dental undergraduate students.

Students in the final year will begin preclinical training in pediatric dentistry alongside continued clinical development, treating adult restorative and periodontal patients.

Institution:  Bristol Dental School

Degree: Bachelor Degrees (BSc)

Duration: Full Time (3 Years)

Tuition fee: £24,700.00 (US$ 34,857) per year

#5 Dentistry – BDS entry (5 years) BDS

This dentistry course is a five-year degree that comprises clinical activity with integrated scientific and technical teaching.

Your first year in this course aims at introducing the clinical environment through peer group activities and observations.

In the early stage of your year two in this course, the school aims at exposing you to clinical skills training and patient contact. During year four, you can be able to select some electives.

This course is organized into four main themes of development, which include: Practitioner, Scholar, and scientist, Professional and Agent of Change, Person and Citizen.

You will be introduced to basic concepts in the healthy patient before progressing to others.

Institution:  Bristol Dental School

Degree: Bachelor Degrees (BDS)

Duration: Full Time (5 Years)

Tuition fee: £38,000.00 (US$ 53,626) per year

#6 Exercise, Nutrition and Health PhD

This Ph.D. exercise which is aimed at Nutrition and Health Sciences establishes a sound research training base and provides practical experience, preparing you for different types of employment, including research, policy, and intervention implementation.

Most people that enrolled in this course continued with their academic careers, either as post-doctoral researchers or as research associates in the UK and international universities worldwide.

While others have been successful in a range of fields, which include government policy and health promotion at a local, national and international level.

Institution: University of Bristol

Degree: Doctoral Degrees (PhD)

Duration: Full Time (4 years)

Tuition fee: £18,900.00 (US$ 26,672) per year

#7 Gateway to Dentistry BDS

Gateway to Dentistry is aimed at students who have the potential to become dentists but do not meet the academic entry criteria to apply directly to the school’s five-year undergraduate Dentistry course.

This is the reason why the school extended the years to 6 years. It’s like a supplementary to the 5-year course.

Students who enrolled in this course will be taught by the school’s academic teachers who are scientists and clinicians.

This course will deepen existing knowledge of core basic sciences underpinning clinical subjects.

This course’s emphasis is on the development of personal and professional skills, attributes, and behaviors that enable a successful transition to university study.

Successful completion of the Gateway year allows automatic progression onto BDS Dentistry.

Institution:  Bristol Dental School

Degree: Bachelor Degrees 

Duration: Full Time (6 Years)

Tuition fee: £24,700.00 (US$ 34,857) per year

#8 Medicine – MBChB Standard entry (5 years) MB

This course is the primary medical qualification awarded by the University of Bristol and is recognized by the General Medical Council.

This course focuses to train you on the science and craft of medicine through – early clinical exposure in hospital, community, and primary care settings, case-based learning, and practical work, inter-professional working with students of nursing, pharmacy, and physiotherapy, integration of basic science and clinical learning, etc. – Best Health Courses To Study in UK

The final year of this course is constructed explicitly to prepare their students for their first job as a foundation doctor.

Institution:  Clinical Sciences

Degree: Bachelor Degrees 

Duration: Full Time (5 Years)

Tuition fee: £35,000.00 (US$ 49,392) per year


From the research that we carried out, there are so many opportunities for people that studied health courses in the UK.

This encouraged us to explain in detail the 8 best health courses to study in UK and what these courses are all about.

Those that studied these health courses in the UK and have the opportunity to work there are earning cool Euros from their job.

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