Best Gifts For Female College Students

Getting into college is an important moment for students. At this stage, you begin to have control over your life.

You begin to make decisions for your life as well as your future. College life can be quite challenging for students and as such, they need to be compensated. 

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College comes with a lot of necessity and a whole lot of stress, compared to high school.

Although it is fun-filled, it is also very stressful and it is one of the periods in your life that you will not be able to forget in a while as it is always a roller coaster of events.

You begin to be independent and that means more responsibility on your shoulders.

If not well handled, it could turn out to be a frustrating moment for you. 

Are you a college student who wants to get a gift for yourself or do you have a female college friend whom you feel deserves some gift or do you have a daughter or a sister who has just gotten into college?

 Whatever your reason is, you are at the right place as this article covers and talks about gifts you can give to female college students. 

In addition, these gifts will go a long way in helping and developing them as they can come in handy.

List Of Gift Ideas For College Students


Yes, shoes! Who does not use foot wear? Everyone loves it and shoes are one of the best things a lady likes the most. It could be stilettos or anything but they love shoes. 

2.Alarm Clock

A lot of benefits come with rising early. Getting an alarm clock for a college student can be beneficial for her.

Maybe you cannot always have the time to wake her up daily, getting an alarm clock will help you with this problem.

3.Perfume Or Spray

Your fragrance goes a long way in speaking of who you are. College girls like to smell nice. Who doesn’t? 

Everyone loves to emit a good fragrance wherever they go so getting a wonderful cologne for female college student is one of the best gifts you can give.

4.Beautiful And Fancy Backpack

  Whether it is to take books to class or to go on a mini journey, a backpack can come in handy for college students.

Females love beautiful things and are more interested in how beautiful it is compared to the quality in contrast to their male counterpart.

This however does not mean you should get a fancy backpack that won’t last a minute but instead, strive to get a fancy backpack that would last an entire lifetime. Maybe not a lifetime but a long period at least.

5.Fancy Pens 

Get this straight, all girls love fancy things. A pen is however a necessity as college students tend to write a lot, as a matter of fact, writing contributes to the academic success of a student hence you getting her a pen would indirectly mean contributing to her success.

Get her a fancy pen and see the better and happier version of her.


A blanket would come in handy for a collegee student; not just the female one but also their male counterparts in general. 

During the cold season, she can use the blanket to cover up herself and as such, will remember you for helping her stay warm during the cold season even in your absence.

7.A Wristwatch: An Apple Watch Specifically.

Sometimes when we are in the midst of something or when we want to attend a place or when we just feel like it, we always want to be aware of the time.

We want to be conscious of our time especially when we have our day all planned out and we do not want to miss a minute.

Most of the time, her phone might not be available for her to check the time. This would put her in a terrible state but as her savior and friend or mother or father or sister or brother or whatever relationship exists between you two, can help her eradicate this problem.

Getting her a wristwatch would help eradicate this problem once and for good.

This way, she will remember you for helping her meet schedules and not miss her time.

Getting her an Apple Watch (if she uses an iPhone) would be way better.  The Apple Watch is a wristband that performs almost all the functions of a phone.

Its services range from calling to setting alarms amongst others.

An amazing thing about this watch is that it uses the AI feature which allows you to talk to it just like Siri on android phones!

Getting her an Apple watch would be one way of helping her solve numerous issues.

8.A Water Flask

Do not underestimate the power of a water flask. There are several reasons why a water flask is needed ranging from emergency to time management amongst others.

This is one of the best gifts you can give to a female college student as she might need water for different reasons at a different times of the day even when working against time.

9.Mini Fridge

After a long and stressful hot day, we sometimes need something cool and cold to calm our nerves.

As earlier stated, college life comes with lots of stress from attending classes, going for presentations, reading and studying hard for success in exams, critical thinking, making decisions, and tons of assignments amongst others.

After these strenuous activities throughout the day, a college girl would need something cool, especially during the summer period.

A mini-fridge could help keep things llike drinks, cold, When she returns, all she needs to do is to grab the drink and consume it.

A mini-fridge as the name sounds is very small hence it will not take up much space and is also easy to carry around(In case you are worried about the weight and stress it would bring)

10.Dental Pack

Mouth odor is a  no-no and a turn-off. How would you feel when a beautiful young lady with curves and a good figure coupled with a well-structured face, long hair, fresh skin, beautiful smile walks up to you, probably to talk to you, and then when she opens her mouth to talk to you, out of reflex, you cover your mouth cause she has mouth odor?

Immediately, your brain will forget all the beautiful figures and features, and all you think of will be the mouth odor.

You would not want to continue the conversation with her and even if you will, you would try to maintain a distance or close your nose. That is how bad it is.

Imagine being in her position, your self-esteem would be trampled upon, you will feel so ashamed of yourself


To avoid this, get a dental pack as a gift for a college student which consists of mouthwash, toothpaste, toothbrush, mouth spray as well as floss to help her feel comfortable to speak anywhere and anytime without the fear of mouth odor.


Getting a college student, not just the female but including the male is very good and important.

This article covers suggestions of gifts you could give a female college student. You can however study her to see what kind of gifts she would like or possibly need.

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