List of Best Dance School in Melbourne

There’s something about swaying to music that seems to wash away all of our worries. Maybe it’s the beat of your favorite music or a heart-pumping exercise that motivates you to get out of bed. Maybe it’s the challenge of mastering the more difficult maneuvers that you like so much. Whatever your motivation, there’s no denying that dancing has several physical, cognitive, and mental well-being advantages.

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Are you seeking the top dancing studios in Melbourne, Victoria? If you’re going to a dancing lesson, you undoubtedly want everything to be flawless. One of the greatest methods to ensure that everything goes according to plan is to personally pick each studio. This allows you to choose the ideal location as well as the greatest trainers to assist you in achieving your objective.

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List of Best Dance School in Melbourne

L.A. Dance Studio Melbourne

Alex and Kris Moskov started L.A Dance Studio Melbourne with the goal of introducing contemporary styles of dance to the general public for the purposes of people’s health, exercise, fun, intercultural learning, and entertainment in Melbourne, Australia. The magic of dance, as offered by L. A Dance Studio is a tool for fostering courage, self-esteem, enjoyment, and a good attitude. They feel that those who are motivated, enthusiastic and equipped to teach dance provide the greatest dancing tuition. Their studio emits a positive and wholesome vibe and they offer Heels, Wedding, Twerk, Vogue, Exotic Dance.

Loop Dance

Melbourne was founded in 2015 as a result of a shared passion for both Kpop and dance. 

Since then, they’ve evolved to become Melbourne’s top Kpop specialist school, offering personalized learning to dozens of students. 

They live and breathe kpop and are quite active in the Melbourne community, so you’ll definitely see us at all of the local concerts and events! They offer Jazz, Ballet, Hip Hop, Techno, KPop, Dance Courses.

The Salsa Foundation

The Salsa Foundation is one of Melbourne’s most prestigious dance schools. Since 2008, they’ve had over 60,000 people attend their Free Beginners Salsa Class, with over 1,000 students attending each week. One-on-one, couple, and small group private sessions are available at the dancing school. Their classes are designed to fit your learning style. The school now has 1,000 pupils that attend sessions once a week. Their classes are appropriate for people of all skill levels, from beginners to experts. You and your partner may take specifically planned and tailored classes to prepare for your first dance. You and your partner may prepare for your first dance with their professionally planned and tailored classes. The Salsa Foundation features a large, gorgeous main dance floor as well as a second independent dance floor, free wi-fi, and a BBQ on occasion. Any friends who are novices are given a complimentary ticket to La Fiesta (normally $25) by the dance school. Their dance classes are Salsa, Bachata, Reggaeton, Private Lessons, Single or Couple Dance Classes, Choreography, General Dance Technique, Competition, Performance Preparation, Hire Dancers for the Event & Wedding Dance Classes.

The Space Dance & Arts Centre

The Space Dance & Arts Centre in Melbourne provides flexible dance courses for kids and adults of all dance skills and interests. The school has dance and rehearsal studios, as well as a theatre, conference room, exhibition area, and lounge. The dance school includes eight different studio areas for every kind of dance, practice, performance, auditions, workshops, theatrical productions, and other activities.

The classes at the Space Dance & Arts Centre are specifically tailored to your group’s age, experience, and ability level. Gift certificates are available for a range of dance disciplines, including children’s lessons, casual classes, le bop, and their dancewear store. It is in the center of Melbourne’s commercial sector, near to parking, coffee shops, restaurants, Chapel off Chapel, and Chapel off Chapel. Below are the courses they offer, 80’s Fit, 90’s Street Jam, Afrobeats, Ballet, Brazilian Samba, Broadway, Theatre, and Commercial Jazz, Contemporary, Dancehall, Hip Hop, Funk, Jazz, Le Bop Modern Jive, Pop Icon, Reggaeton, Tap & Technique

Australian Academy of Dance

Australian Academy of Dance is one of the largest premier dance schools in Melbourne, VIC. The dance school provides children with exceptional dance and performing arts techniques in an inspiring & nurturing environment. They provide classes for all ages, from 3 to up. The dance studio offers over 120 classes a week, all styles and abilities are catered for. Their students are trained by some of Australia’s most recognized performers. They have a world-class facility with four studios, onsite physio & black box theatre. Their educators work closely with students, providing a holistic approach to their training while tapping into each dancer to help them grow and develop their confidence, technique, & creativity. Many of their students have gone on to have careers in the dance industry, training and performing with high-profile companies and full-time organizations worldwide. The dance courses they have include Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Hip-hop, Music Theatre & Acrobatics

Dance World Studios

Dance World Studios was founded in 1987 with the goal of providing young people with the chance to pursue their ambitions by establishing a vocational arts training institution that offers dance and musical theatre courses.

Dance World Studios has established itself as a top dance school and performing arts institution in Australia. They welcome students of all ages to engage in the performing arts at the dance school, and they provide continuous dance and musical theatre programs for children aged 3 to 18. For children and teenagers, these courses offer a variety of dancing, singing, and acting lessons.

The dance school aspires to nurture fresh talents in the dance business, and the dance academy has an internationally and nationally renowned teaching staff that helps to create a feeling of integrity and inspiration through their work quality.

Our administrative team has a long history of working in the arts and the professional business, and they continue to assist students and creative employees. Their dance school offers harmony in terms of artist management and grooming for the professional entertainment industry. They also specialize in Jazz, Ballet, Hip Hop, Contemporary dance.

Sheek Dance Studio

Sheek Dance Studio is a dance studio based in Sheek,

Sheek Dance Studio, located in the heart of Port Melbourne, has been in operation since 2010. Hip-hop, Jazz, Tap, Contemporary, Musical Theatre, Break Dancing, Classical Ballet, and Creative Dance are among the genres we teach our young students. Our goal is to help students gain confidence, self-awareness, creativity, and dancing abilities. We like being a part of the community and embracing people of all levels in a non-competitive environment.

Encouragement, discipline, determination, devotion, and motivating kids to attain their full potential in a pleasant and secure atmosphere are all values they value.

Our instructors are actively working as professional dancers in the dance business and can share their expertise and experience. They are committed and wish to share their love of dancing with others. Above all, the lessons are enjoyable and entertaining. Hip-hop, Jazz, Tap, Contemporary, Musical Theatre, Break Dancing, and Classical Ballet are among the forms we teach. The growth of the student’s dancing abilities, courage, and originality is our primary goal.

Passion Dance Studio

Passion Dance Studio is one of Melbourne’s most prestigious dance studios, with a location in the city’s core.

They have a great team that has trained and performed abroad and are up to speed on the newest trends to guarantee you get the finest possible training.

They offer courses for students of all levels, so whether you’ve never danced before or want to brush up on your skills, they have something for you.

They provide a variety of dance programs, including individual lessons, performance courses, informal adult classes, mid-year and end-of-year showcases, and special workshops by international guest teachers on a regular basis. Their street dance genres include Hip-Hop, Breakdance, House, Locking, and Popping, as well as more commercial dance types like Urban choreography and Kpop.

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