Best Catholic Schools In Florida

Best Catholic Schools In Florida – Welcome to our detailed article on best catholic schools in Florida. We decided to put this up to help students make the right decision on their choice of catholic schools.

Over the years the Catholic has been able tobuild acommunity of education in Florida where children are tutored and form in the Catholic faith that they might be faithful Disciples of Christ.

The sole aim of this vision is to ensure that children are mentored, groom and helped to discover as well as have a direction experiences of the teaching of the cross.  It is on this note that Catholic Church has established some outstanding citadel of learning where godly teachings are incorporated at the circumference of the catholic doctrine especially in Florida.

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Without wasting much of your time, we have decided to move straight to the point on why we came up with this article. Below contains the list of best catholic schools in Canada based on our research and rankings.



Holy Trinity School is a PreK to 12th-grade school in Winsted, MN, founded way  back in  1883 where genuine Catholic education are administered, on the grounds that which seeks to fully prepare students for their God-given vocation in life, and, to tighten the internal union with God and his family in heaven in a vocation format.  It is a place where education is being practice at the peak of excellence. The school provide vigorous platform for students to grow in virtue, as well as engaged in athletics and the fine arts, and to become zealous and dogged leaders with true heart of service for human and global development.

 Holy Trinity school prepares her students to be followers of Christ and active members of the Catholic Church by molding them in their faith and the Gospel’s call to service. Holy Trinity educates its students through academic inquiry, the pursuit of knowledge, and the development of strategic reasoning.

 Holy Trinity School is called by its parish community to illuminate children that life is a journey of faith and Christ is the center of our lives. Holy Trinity inputs respect and kindness among humanity through volunteering and faith centered events.


Bishop Verot Catholic High School is a Catholic school located at 5598 Sunrise Drive Fort Myers, FL 33919. It is a community of learning for young men and women in the Diocese of Venice. Bishop Verot Catholic High School has a commitment of building  the body, soul and spirit to centered on faith, learning, and leadership devoted to educating the whole person, utilizing innovative technologies, empowering students through collaborative experiments, and cultivating a spirit of service by been rooted in Jesus Christ.

Bishop Verot Catholic High School offers Sports activities ranging from Baseball, Basketball, Bowling, Cheering, Cross Country, Dance, Diving, Football, Golf, Lacrosse, Soccer, Softball, Swimming, Tennis, Track and Field, Volleyball, Weightlifting

Bishop Verot Catholic High School also offers authentic and creative Extracurricular which include:  Academic Quiz Team, Art Club, Debate, Drumline, Environmental Club, Fishing Club, French Club, Guitar Club, Key Club, Latin Dance Club, Luceat Yearbook, Ministry BASIC, Mission Club, Model UN, Mu Alpha Theta, National Honor Society, Sailing Club, Spanish Honor Society, Student Government, SWIFT, and Worship Team.

Bishop Verot Catholic High School serves the Lee County and surrounding areas as the only Catholic High School in the area. With a student population of over 700 coming from a different background of both Catholic and non-Catholic families. Bishop Verot offers courses at three levels: college-prep, honors, and AP.

Bishop Verot Catholic High School has a graduate’s average over $13 million in scholarship offers annually, with over a 50% acceptance rate in the Bright Future Scholarship Program, and 99% of our students continue on to post-secondary colleges and universities.


 Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart was founded in 1961.   Carrollton is an all-girl Catholic college preparatory day school in Coconut Grove, Florida, educating girls and young women ages 3-18. Sponsored by the Society of the Sacred Heart, Carrollton is the only pre-K-12 girl’s school in the state of Florida.  They create and steer confident young women by providing godly counsel that will help them to be responsible, creative and compassion. They also create a conducive atmosphere by encouraging students to become risk-takers, by raising up to the challenges of human life and leadership. They provide concrete commitment to excellence in education with the believe that only a total education inclusive of spiritual, intellectual, emotional and physical challenge can be called excellent.

At Carrollton, it is believe the future will belong to well-educated, thinking, confident people. They mentored in such a way that are accurate convinced that the quality of the future depends on the choices and the standard of education that is made accessible to the people. The dividends of creating a problem solving society is to train students to become great leaders.  Nothing short of excellence in their education will prepare them to assume such leadership platform. They uplift education engagement as a member of the Network of Sacred Heart Schools.

Carrollton school of Sacred heart ensures that all their educators, students, parents, alumnae share in the commitment of personal and active faith in God by regenerating  a deep respect for intellectual values; a social awareness that impels to action; the building of community as a Christian value; and personal growth in an environment of wise freedom.


St. Brendan High School is primarily committed to serving the educational needs of the Catholic population of the southwest section of Miami.

The stakeholders and management of Saint Brendan High School, believe that each student is created by God with as a gifted, talented and valued individual with unique physical, social, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual needs which must be properly cultivated to the benefit of the fulfilling the will of God on earth.

The school work tirelessly in ensuring that students’ learning needs are the primary focus of all decisions impacting not just the educational sector but the world at large through faith practices.

The school also believe that students’ self-esteem is enhanced by positive relationships and mutual respect among and between students and staff.

St. Brendan High School is a place that provides a strong Catholic foundation with meaningful spiritual experiences with additional synergy that provides students and teachers with a safe and orderly environment for learning.

St. Brendan High School affirms boldly that Education is a life-long activity. Students learn in different ways and are provided with multi variety of instructional approaches, extra-curricular activities, and athletic programs.


Our Lady of Lourdes Academy 5525 Sw 84th Street Miami, FL 33143 is a school with an exceptional mission which seek to educate young women to face the future strengthened by their faith, by preparing students in such a way that confident is been planted in their endeavor to achieve their personal goals and committed to the pathway of Catholic and American heritages.

The philosophy of Our Lady of Lourdes Academy strategy of education is based on and conditioned by the Catholic philosophy of life: each person, endowed with body and soul, has not only a purpose in this world but an eternal destiny.

Because education is a step that prepares the human mind for life and not just for a livelihood but also ensuring that the true essence of life is discover by each student, it also takes into consideration the ultimate purpose of human living and the medium by which that purpose is to be actualized.

Our Lady of Lourdes Academy is proudly concerned with imparting knowledge in a system in which spiritual values are appreciated and recommended.

The school has a deep recognition that a personal understanding of duties to country and neighbor is an essential part of education. By this, it is customarily right to believe that these duties are effectively discharged only when each individual understands that the person, the community, and the environment are all part of an interrelating and interconnecting relationship with God.

Our Lady of Lourdes Academy responds to the Church’s constitution of education, to the benefit of society, to the desires of every faith families and students.

The school upholds as an identity of a sacred trust the mission of providing for the spiritual, intellectual, moral and physical development of our students. This philosophy aims at the full development of Catholic women.


Immaculata-La Salle High School located unveils by practical examples the commitment to providing the highest quality of Catholic education based on the Gospel and the Salesian Preventive System of reason, religion, and loving kindness.

By creating a student-centered learning environment that motivate all students with the possibility picture of realizing and applying their abilities and talents in an high technological, diverse, global society.

They communicate the language of courage to students to single them out as  a positive difference in our world by being agents of change through the instrumentality of  learning with a sense of personal responsibility and a legacy of  commitment to faith, education, leadership, and service.

The Vision of Immaculata-La Salle High School provides the atmosphere and programs necessary for the emergence of good Christians and productive, responsible citizens by embodying the Salesian system of education which emphasizes the holistic formation of the young person


Westminster Christian School 6855 Sw 152nd Street Miami, FL 33157 has been ultimately recognized for its excellence in academics, fine arts and athletics, Westminster delivers a solid college preparatory education from a distinctly Christian perspective.

Westminster’s Preschool is developmental by engaging diverse concepts that encourages children to learn through teacher-directed encounter. Classes are arranged in a manner that offers a variety of learning opportunities including music, computer training, Spanish and art.

Elementary students are blessed with the opportunity of learning the core subjects with their classroom teachers and their horizons are broadened through additional support classes in physical education, art, computer usage, Spanish, music, and a fantastic World Wonder science enrichment program. A reading lab and learning disability therapy are available to excellently support the academic program for a progressive and productive outcome.

Westminster’s Middle School deployed a theme-based format taught across all academic subjects and utilizes culminating activities for each unit to reinforce the topic studied. The Middle School offers three levels of instruction in academic subjects including honors level classes and, in some subject areas, smaller classes for students who need extra assistance. Students are offered a variety of elective courses to help them find their inborn gifts and enjoy new experiences.

High School students at Westminster are offered a challenging array of courses preparing them for eventual entrance into higher education. Our graduates are routinely accepted at the country’s finest colleges and universities. Students may take College-prep level, Honors level or Advanced Placement level courses to fulfill their course requirements for graduation. High School students are encouraged to give back to the community by earning community-service credits, which are a requirement for graduation.

All Westminster students, Preschool through High School, study Bible through age-appropriate curriculum material. Students at each level of the school attend weekly chapels which include music and presentations reinforcing God’s Word.

Students in Preschool through High School receive a high packed training in the visual and performing arts. Westminster considers training in the arts to be an essential part of a well-rounded education.

Westminster students are also given the opportunity to elect their own Student Governing Councils in the Elementary, Middle and High Schools to organize events and provide accurate experience of leadership. Many clubs are available for students in Middle and High School including academic honors clubs, special interest clubs and service clubs. Elementary students are given the platform where they participate in an after-school club program that includes academic, sports, crafts and special interest clubs. A school-wide yearbook is published annually and includes all levels of the school, Preschool through High School.

Westminster coordinate diverse students into groups that provides helped to live lives of responsibility by action as leaders at school and in the community.

Westminster is a school were students enjoy their academic experience and make life-long friends.


Cardinal Gibbons High School 2900 Ne 47th St Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308 was established in 1961 and was named after the second cardinal in the United State of America.

The school provides an accurate platform where student are given informative and insight educational treats that prepares the student to be engage their reasoning in solving global problems with the mindset of Catholic faith teaching structured for the internal and external development of every student.

 The school provide wider avenue for students to grow in knowledge, wisdom and godly teaching with a sincere leadership skills with true heart of service for human development.

 Cardinal Gibbons High School prepares her students to be followers of Christ by actively engaging them in faith teachings for a practical Christian life. The school provides a high strategic education that is necessary for the pursuit of knowledge, and the development of global society.

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