Best Cars For College Students In 2022

Best Cars For College Students – What are the best cars for college students in 2022? As a college student, is this the question that you want answers on? Well the answer is simple. In this article, we will be looking at the cars which are affordable after paying for your tuition fee and living expenses and can be used by college students.

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Looking for a car that you can use as a college is a normal thing for students whose mode of transportation is very important to. Although cars are expensive especially if you are from a middle class family but that notwithstanding, in this article all the cars which will be listed below are all affordable, and safe to use.

Do you need a car in college as a student?

 This is one question that everyone has different answers for. This is because it is based on the college and the student involved. There are some students that where they study and what they study makes having a car a necessity.

And also they are some students who needs a car because their colleague has while some is just a desire.  Whatever your purpose of looking for a car is as a college student, it is important that you take into account everything that you will need to settle as a car owner example the parking fees, petrol fees, car insurance, etc. before you make a move to own one.

As a College Student, Can I afford a car in college?

This is based on the car you are interested in. If you are going for something bigger, you may have to go for a used car but if you are going for something cheaper, you may go for a new one.

This decision is based on your pocket. If you are working and school or if it your parent who are getting you the car, they may want to choose from automotive companies that have some lending organization that helps their clients with a CPO vehicle. (Certified pre-owned).

If you follow this way as a college student, yes, you can afford a car.

Who is allowed to use cars in college?

Most schools does not fancy their students coming to school with cars especially the freshmen who just got in. but if you are not a freshman, you can bring your car as long as you will not get distracted from academy work.

Why are college freshmen not allowed to have cars?

As a freshman, you still have a lot of scores to settle with the school like getting involved in activities within the campus. This helps make you active and also not to struggle for a parking space with your senior colleague with cars.

Are 2022 Vehicles out yet?

Some companies do debut their vehicles early summer or spring before the exact year of the vehicle. But yet there are some that won’t until the exact year the vehicles are for.

So yes and No, you just to research on the car you are looking for to confirm if it has be debut yet.

Things to consider before buying a car as a college student

Before you take any step toward this path, it is very important that you reconsider certain things and put them in place before your final decision and some of these things are;

1. What is your budget?

Going for a car in which even if you sale your properties you won’t be able to finish up your payment in the duration of months or years is a wrong move. Before going for a car ensure that you consider what you have in your safe and also how you can gather the remaining money to complete your payment.

2. Make decision on the car:

After checking your budget the next thing you will need to do is to decide on the kind of car. It is either you go for a new car or you go for a used car. There are still some used cars that are in a very good condition that a college student can afford.

Before you decide on this make sure that you research on the cars and the components of the cars before making a move.

Note this, no matter the kind of car you choose you from, ensure that it is product that you can easily find the parts to replace when needs arises.

3. Research on the car: to know if the parts are easy to get, you have to research on it and on the company that manufacture the car.

4. Take a drive: After researching on the car that you have in mind, the next thing for you to do when you get there is to test drive the car to ensure that it is what you want. Some cars are heavy to handle and while some are so light but there are some that once you are on the wheel you feel like you two were made for each other.

Taking a test drive will help you to know how good the car is. So avoid what you see in the paper or what you see on the screen and take a test drive before you conclude to proceed for the car.

5. Learn to negotiate: Appearing in front of a company or an agent as a college student will only tell them that you are still new in the business that means you know nothing about negotiation and the prices of cars. So before going there, do a lot of research on the prices both on the new and used ones. This will help you negotiate telling them that you did your homework well before coming.

Best cars for college students

Below are the best cars for college students in 2022

1 Hyundai Elantra 2022

Few things that makes this one of the best is their features. Hyundai Elantra 2022 comes with an emergency automatic brake, warning font collision, blind-spot monitoring, etc.

The car comes with a voice recognition device through Bluetooth connection. Is has 8- inches touchscreen, high-beam assistance, etc.

As a college student, you can get the car from the range of $20,875 or above depending on how you negotiate.

 2 Toyota Corolla 2022

Toyota Corolla starts from $20,075 and has a rating of 4.4. It is from one of the few companies that runs a lending organization which makes it easy for college students to be able to purchase their desire cars.

Toyota Company includes 2.0 safety sense in all their Corolla production. It comes with an automatic temperature control, etc.

3 Honda Civic 2022

You can get 2022 Honda Civic from $21,900 and above. The 2022 version is an upgrade model of Honda Civic 2021. Although the current version was already one of the best in the market but this new one beats the market.

4 Subaru Crosstrek 2022

With $22, 445, you can get this car for college. This is one of the car that is so pleasant to ride. It is a small SUV but yet it gives you a feeling that most top cars won’t. You mind want to check it out if you will feel the same.

5 Kia Seltos 2022

Kia Seltos might not be the right vehicle for people that goes too far distance in terms of overheating but then it is one of the best for college students. With $23,110 you can get it. 

There are a lot of cars to use for college but these are the top 5 best cars for college students in 2022.

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