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How To Become A University President

How To Become A University President-If you are reading this article, it means that you are already thinking if how you can become a university president and there is no cause for alarm as we got you covered on that.

If you are a natural leader and you are looking to make changes in your university, then the university president position is just the right place for you to be.


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Although it is not always easy as you will be vying the position with some other students and trying to gain popularity and reputation in the school.

You can make your dream of becoming a university president come true by following the tips we will be dishing out on how to become a university president. So regardless of the number of student that will be vying for the position with you and maybe their qualities, this article is rich in contents that will help you become a sound candidate for the position and even give the opposing candidates a run for their money.

Without further ado, let’s walk you through the ladder of becoming a university president…

How To Become A University President

Get acquainted with the rules and regulations

Every university and college has its own unique process for electing students and so you will have to learn about these rules and regulations. You will have to know the application deadlines, obligatory paperwork and any other requirements needed for running.

Do not overlook any information as little things could get you disqualified or appear unprepared and unfit for the position.

Join clubs and participate in school functions

This is in a bid to get yourself acquainted with the activities in the school. Schools have a lot of club options from the artistic clubs to the athletic teams. There are also some other clubs aside the two we mentioned and you can look to join anyone.

Make sure you attend all the social events that your school holds and also participate in after school activities as this will allow you network and know a lot of students and help you get more popular.

You can decide to join a press and debate club to help improve your ability to speak in public as this will help with your campaign.

Build a responsible reputation

For you to stand a chance of being elected as a university president, you will have to always present yourself as a responsible, approachable and professional person. This will help build students’ trust in you and also believe in you.

Ensure you participate in class discussions and make good grades. Being active in class will surely increase people’s ability to trust and respect you.

Find out what other students want and need

You should talk to students and try to understand what they want and need as this is a good way to gain the few and acceptance of some students. Making their wants and needs your focus will beat the promises of flashy and temporary services as students will tend to trust you because they feel you have their best interest at heart.

Look for ways to help meet the need of other students even without being the university president as this will help build their loyalty towards you and your ambition.

Always remember what students tell you

It might not really be easy but you will have to make sure you remember the different things you learn about people. Try to remember their names as it tends to spark a sort of relationship and make them feel that you actually know them.

Always try to show care to students and try to start a conversation with them but not in a creepy way though.

Make connections with students

Try to connect with students and interact with them. They will feel closer to you and this could earn you a lot of votes. Always be considerate and push to help others as this will increase their trust and confidence in you.

Create a vision

Carefully analyze the needs and wants of the students and from here you can develop a sound, clear, realistic and define vision and purpose for your campaign. When students see that your vision is their interest, they will solidly be behind you.

Look for things that needs to be changed that would benefit the students and make it your centre of focus.

Relating to what students need will increase your chances of becoming a university president.

Come up with an enticing slogan

As someone vying for the position of a university president, your slogan is also a marketing strategy for your campaign and you will have to make it catchy, enticing and easy to remember.

Become more creative and come up with something that will communicate your vision, rhyme and also make it a little bit funny as it will make it easy to remember.

Put up your posters and flyers

Make attractive and eye-catching posters with your slogan and post them everywhere you feel people walk frequently as this will help people see it and also make you popular.

With your posters, you will get your name out there and also communicate your intention and message to the public.

Also give out flyers to students as this is also a way to relate your vision, intention and the reason you are a better candidate for the job.

Take advantage of digital means

You can make use of social media to spread words out about your campaign. You can create groups and post videos as this is a way to have your presence on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram.

Using these social media platforms will help you reach out to a lot of students and also make you more popular about students. It also creates a way for students to connect with you and also learn about you.

Give a solid speech

This is one thing that gives you a boost in a bid to become the university president. It is very important that you write, practice and give a very strong and amazing speech which could be about 2-5 minutes.

Your speech should be clear, straight to the point, realistic and defined. It should relate what you intend to do when you finally become university president and how getting to that position will change the school settings and better lives.

Your speech should be like this:

  • Introduce yourself
  • Talk about your qualifications and character and also explain why the students should vote for you.
  • You should state your platform and express what you would like to change
  • You should explain how you would achieve what you plan to do as the university president
  • Then you end with your slogan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who do university presidents do?

In as much as university presidents enjoy a lot of privileges, they also have some responsibilities. They are responsible for creating and running student events and activities and many other things concerning students in the university.  They act on behalf of the whole student body and bring up common issue concerning students to the university authorities to take action.

How do I write a nice speech?

Campaign speech is one where you introduce yourself, talk about why you would be a good candidate for the position of a university president, explain what you plan to do and how you intend doing it and then finish by saying your slogan.

How do I get people to be on my side?

There are a lot of strategies you can adopt to get people on your side but you will have to make them have good interactions with you by communicating with them. Be kind, respectful, and friendly to everyone. Make sure that your goals and visions are what the students need and want as this will also bring them on your side.

Final Note

Becoming a university president is not difficult as it takes determination and dedication to the course.

We have given you tips on how you can become a university president, these tips act as guide to help you come out successful and make you the best candidate for the position.

We wish you all the best in your ambition.




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