Advantages Of Educational Planning

Advantages Of Educational Planning-Education is seen to be the key to the growth and development of any country and so it is important that it should be treated so. It is important for technological, political, social and economic development of a country so that is why there should be plans put in place for sound educational system.

For education to play its role in the transformation of any nation there has to be a proper and effective educational plan because when educational planning is faulty, it will affect the country’s educational system which will affect the country in a long run.

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In as much as education is very important for any nation, educational planning is equally important to drive the progress of the country.

There are a lot of problems country’s face which have posed a lot of demand for solution to the educational system and for the educational system to solve these problems, there has to be effective educational planning.

In this article, we are going to look at the advantages of educational planning and every other thing you need to know about educational planning.

Let’s look at a list of what we will be discussing in this article:

Let’s proceed…

What Is Planning?

Planning is defined as a deliberate effort to determine the future course of action in order to achieve set goals and objectives. It is the process of examining and assessing the future in order to draw up future course of action that will be geared towards achieving specific goals and objective. Planning is important for the achievement of set goals and it can be done by an individual, group of people or even the government.

What Is Educational Planning?

Educational planning is the systematic and strategic set of decisions for future actions with the aim of achieving educational goals by using scarce resources efficiently.

Educational planning is the process of identifying what needs to be done to promote education, the direction education should take, the strategic course of action for the future and also the implementation of these actions in order to achieve educational goals that have been set.

Through educational planning, the educational needs of a nation are met leading to a sound educational system and this is why some of the first-class countries of the world are ahead of others when it comes to education. They have effective educational planning which doesn’t involve only coming up with educational goals and outlining course of action to achieve them but also implementing these course of action to ensure the educational goals are met.

Characteristics Of Effective Educational Planning

We are going to look at what educational planning should cover in order to be effective and this will help nations know about how to go in planning their educational system.

Some of these characteristics are:

  • It should be comprehensive

The planning should look at the overall educational system of a nation. It should concern all the educational level of the nation in order to achieve its educational goal and get a sound educational system.

  • Educational planning should be goal-oriented

The planning should be focused on the achievement of educational goals and for these goals to be achieved, they should be clear, defined, realistic and measurable.

  • It should be future-oriented

Planning of education should be focused on future development and improvement of the educational system.

  • It should utilize resources efficiently

Resources are scarce compared to the needs they are to meet and so it is important for educational planning to be able to utilize the nation’s limited resources efficiently in order to maximize it output.

  • It should be a continuous process

This is what makes a nation’s educational system to be sound and effective as it doesn’t stop at one point. Educational planning should be a continuous process and it should consider changes in the current situation of the nation.

  • Educational planning should be a deliberate action

Planning doesn’t happen by accident and so every action taken should be well thought about and channeled towards achieving the educational goals.

  • Educational planning should take into consideration possible obstacles

Planning doesn’t mean that things will go on as planned as there are going to be challenges and obstacles along the way and this is why it is important for educational planning to take the possible challenges or setbacks of achieving set educational goals into consideration as it will help to find alternatives to achieving the goals.

  • Educational planning should be dynamic

Change is something that is always constant and so educational planning should be able to keep at pace with the changes in the society in order for it to be effective.

Advantages Of Educational Planning

The importance of educational planning in a nation cannot be overemphasized as it will help to promote growth and development in every sector of the country. let’s look at some of the advantages of educational planning:

  • It promotes decision making in education

Educational planning helps in outlining future course of action that will help in achieving educational goals and this will help in making decisions in education. It is also necessary for administrative decision making in education.

  • It helps to utilize the limited resources efficiently

Educational planning helps in the even distribution and efficient utilization of resources. This will help channel the scarce resources to maximize output. The resources are used optimally to reduce imbalance and wastage.

  • It helps to improve human capital

Through effective educational planning, the educational system becomes sound which will improve the skill, competence and technical know-how of people in the country thereby leading to rapid economic growth and development.

  • It helps a nation to meet its educational needs

When there is an effective educational plan put in place, it will be easier to meet the educational needs in the society and this will help create a sound educational system.

  • It enhances literacy and reduces ignorance among citizens

When the educational system of a country is sound, it will create space for people in the society to get educated without stereotyping. It will see education as the right of the people making it necessary and affordable for its citizens. This can only be done through effective educational planning.

  • It helps to identify possible problems and make sure they are dealt with appropriately

One thing about planning is that you will be able to foresee possible problems or challenges although you may not be accurate in your prediction. Through educational planning, a nation will be able to identify possible problems and also look for ways to tackle those problem in time and appropriately.

Final Note

Like we said earlier that the importance of educational planning cannot be over emphasized and it helps to specify goals and values and give direction for future educational development.

With the improvement in technology, there is a need for effective educational planning to ensure that the educational system is able to adapt to the technological development in other to equip learners with the knowledge, skill and training to make the world a better place.

Educational planning is a step in the right direction for the improvement of the educational system of any country and also how people will view education in coming years.

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